Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jai Rao (Cracked Heart)

Released: November 12th
Episodes: 15
Genre: Romance/Drama

Theeradej Wongpuapan (Ken) as Koravic (Vic)
Taksaorn Paksukjaroen (Aff) as Chorlada (Aoey)
Sunisa Jett (Vicki) as Melanee (Menie)
Vorarit FuengArom (Nott) as Lak
May FuengArom as Saengchay (Sandy)
Supoj Janjaroen (Lift) as Pratchaya
Panudej Wattanasuchart (Duke) as Jetsada
Daraneenuj Popiti (Top) as DuangKaew
Dilok Thongwattana (Moo) as Prat


After Chorlada or Aoey lost her job as the ministry's secretary because the parliament was dissolved, so she applied her job as the secretary for Duang Kaew, the director of Vision Possible company, the successful entertainment and media business company. Aoey met Koravic or Vic, the famous actor, a man she has loved since she was kid.

when they were kids, her family was familiar with his family. When she was lonely, Vic was the one who took care of her. One day, her family was bankrupted, she had to follow her family moving out of country and she had to take care of her father who tried to comit suicide, so she didn't have a chance to tell or get in touch with Vic. Vic was very angry at her because he didn't know the reason why she left him.

One day, they met each other again by chance. Vic helped Aoey from a few men who tried to kidnapped her.

---to be continued---

Yak Mee Cheevit Pue Thur - Beau Sunita, Aof Pongsak

Original Soundtrack
Song: Yak Mee Cheevit Pue Thur (Wanna live my life for you)
Artists: Beau Sinita, Aof Pongsak

Bok Dai Mai Gort Kueng Chan Rueng Arai
Can you tell me what you're angry at me about?

Jueng Hai Na Pai Klai Mai Mee Mae Kam Amla
So that you have gone so far away without bidding farewell.

Sood Puad Rao Tong Ton Ngao Ruey Ma
It's so hurt that I have to bear being lonely all along,

Mue Mong Mai Jer Waew Ta Koo Nan Tee Koey Trueng Jai
when I can't see that pair of eyes that have ever impressed.

Mai Mee Thur Laew Muen Jai Ja Khad Hai Pai
Without you anymore, it's like my heart is torn off.

Mue Chan Mai Mee Thur Klai Ja Hai Jai Pai Tammai
When I don't have you near, what would I be breathing for?

รักเธอ อยากมีชีวิตเพื่อเธอ
Rak Thur Yak Mee Cheevit Pue Thur
Love you...I want to live my life for you.

Roo Mai Wa Mai Mee Krai Krai Ja Mee Kwam Mai Tao Thur
Do you know no one is more meaning as you are.

โลกทั้งโลกมันดูว่างเปล่า ถ้าหากวันนี้ไม่มีเธอ
Lok Tang Lok Man Doo Wang Plao Ta Hak Wan Nee Mai Mee Thur
The whole world looks so empty without you today.

Yak Hai Roo Wa Yoo Kor Pue Ror
I want you to know that I live my life just for waiting,

Ror Piang Wan Wela Tee Ja Dai Jer Gan
waiting for the day that we can meet each other.

เธอเท่านั้น (เธอเท่านั้น)หนึ่งคนที่ต้องการ
Thur Tao Nan (Thur Tao Nan) Nueng Kon Tee Tongkarn
Only you (Only you) Only one I need.

Jai Man Toramarn Kid Tueng Jon Gern Banyai
My heart is tormented missing you beyond words.

Mai Mee Thur Laew Chan Pai Tor Pai Mai Dai
Without you anymore, I can't go on.

Ja Sia Arai Gor Dai Sood Tai Kae Piang Mee Thur
I can lose anything just for having you at last.

Rak Thur Yak Mee Cheevit Pue Thur
Love you...I want to live my life for you.

Roo Mai Wa Mai Mee Krai Krai Tee Jai Ja Rak Eek Laew
Do you know there's no one that I can love anymore.

โลกทั้งโลกมันดูว่างเปล่า ถ้าฉันขาดเธอ
Lok Tang Lok Man Doo Wang Plao Ta Chan Khad Thur
The whole world looks so empty if I don't have you.

Chan Yoo Wan Nee...Pue Rak Thur
I live the day...for loving you.

Jai Khong Chan Pen Khong Thur - BOY Peacemaker

Original Soundtrack
Song: Jai Khong Chan Pen Khong Thur (My heart belongs to you)
Artist: Boy Peacemaker, Ken&Aff

Chan Mai Roo Wa Pen Prau Krai
I don't know who is the cause,

โชคชะตาเป็นใจ หรืออะไรทำให้เธอลาจาก
Chok Chata Pen Jai Rue Arai Tam Hai Thur La Jak
the destiny supports or anything made you leave me.

คนที่รักกันมากมาย ต้องพรากกันไปไกล
Khon Tee Rak Gan Mak Mai Tong Prak Gan Pai Klai
The person who love each other so much have to be apart so distant.

Chan Gor Khon Ja Ton Yang Rai Wai
I'm also human. How can I bear it?

* ฉันไม่รู้จะทำอย่างไร เหมือนใจมันจะขาด
Chan Mai Roo Ja Tam Yang Rai Muen Jai Man Ja Khad
I don't know what to do. It's like my heart's going to be torn off.

ชีวิตมันดูอ้างว้าง วังเวงไปทุกอย่าง
Cheevit Man Doo Aang Wang Wang Weng Pai Took Yang
My life is so lonely, desolate with everything,

เหมือนคนที่เดียวดาย จมอยู่กับความหลัง
Muen Khon Tee Diew Dai Jom Yoo Gab Kwam Lang
like a lonely person burying myself in the past.

อยากให้รู้ฉันเสียใจ และปวดร้าวมากเพียงใหน
Yak Hai Roo Chan Sai Jai Lae Puad Rao Mak Piang Nai
I want you to know how regret and painful I am.

** ใจของฉันมันเป็นของเธอ ไม่ว่านานเท่าไร
Jai Khong Chan Man Pen Khon Thur Mai Wa Nan Tao Rai
My heat belongs to you, no matter how long it is.

Lae Man Ja Pen Khong Thur Talod Pai
And it will be yours forever.

ใจของฉันมันเป็นของเธอ คนเดียวทั้งใจ
Jai Khong Chan Man Pen Khong Thur Khon Diew Tang Jai
My heart belongs to only you with the whole heart.

จะรอเธอรักเธอจนตาย ใจเอย…
Ja Raw Thur Rak Thur Jon Tai Jai Auey
I will wait for you...love you until I die...Oh my heart!

Chan Mai Roo Wa Het Pol Dai
I don't know the reason.

ฟ้าข้างบนจงใจ หรือว่าใครทำให้เราไกลกัน
Fa Khang Bon Jong Jai Rue Krai Tam Hai Rao Klai Gan
Heaven's intention or anyone made us be far away.

มันโหดร้ายจนเกินไป ฉันไม่เคยเตรียมใจ
Man Hod Rai Jon Gern Pai Chan Mai Koey Triam Jai
It's too mean. I have never prepared myself...

Tee Ja Sia Thur Pai Tang Wan Nee
to lose you like today.

Repeat *,**


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Lina said...

OooOo my goodness!! areyou going to sub this lakorn/?? i heard about it from my friend and i can't wait to watch it! i hope it's a mature love story. i'm so tired of these silly childish love and/or overly dramatic story.

lee said...

I think it must be a good story...The cast is very good, including my favorite actor and actress...I will continue to pay attention to this drama...
Thanks for wasabizan's works...I'm looking forward your English Sub...

ChristaLuvsDrama said...

OOooo U Rock for being willing to sub this for us fans! I'm soo excited for this Lakorn. I luv anything Ken is in and I became a fan of Aff after Jam Luey Rak, so WIN-WIN hehe

ailin_stef said...

When will this lakorn air ?? I can't wait for it and your subs !!

Miaka Sam said...

the storyline is interesting
looking on it air..
and exciting to see it
when you sub the drama

and i have to say he is handsome XD XD

yerrie said...


Luag said...


I have watched many of your other lakorns that you have uploaded. Uh, I was wondering if you are going to upload this one as well. After reading your summery I too am wondering about this lakorn.

Keep up the great work..


ailin_stef said...

Can you continue to sub this drama please please please !! You stop it at ep 5.1 and I can't wait for next episodes !! -_-"
You do very good job and continue like this !! I'm looking forward your engliash sub !


sykol_worm said...

HI! I was wondering if there is a way to get my hands on your subtitled lakorn, especially Jai Rao! As in downloading it for personal usage, so that i can view it without having to rely on needing a net whenever i want to watch the lakorn. I really love it but I don't understand thai so i rely heavily on your subtitles. Please let me know if there is any possibilities of me being able to download it. Thank you in advance.

digu-digu said...

where can i find the link to download this drama?


musicformyselfonly said...

I want to watch this drama so badly but I want to download it so I can watch it on my tv too. If you can put up links to the srt files, then I would be greatly appreciated!

choko_oreo said...

Ken matched with Janie the most.
The chemistry just sparked and I can feel the love.

I must watch this to know more about Jai Rao.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

your synopsis is wrong for the lakorn.

Fujia said...

HI, thank for all your efford to let us know Thay Lakorn, but can you put a link to download it? I have eyes probleme and don't beeb allowed to watch on pc. Can you help me? Thank you in adwance.

clumsysmiley9 said...

hi wishy..you know what ever since last year i have been watching jai rao over and over again.every night i'll make sure that i watch at least a clip from jai rao before i went to bed.thank goodness that you have subbed it..thanks to you i'm now addicted to thai series :). love most of it <3<3

Danke Schön