Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gae Roy Rak (Trace of Love)

Released: August 2, 2008
Episodes: 12
Genre: Mystery/Romance/Comedy

Patchata Nampan (Rome) as Songrob
Sririta Jensen (Rita) as Chomduen
Pisanu Nimsakul (Boy) as Songton
Amarapat Julkasian (Mim) as Diana (Annie)
Wirakarn Seneetantikul (Maprang) as Jennifer (Jillie)
Jirayu Laoonmanee (Gao) as Plianfah
Waranya Kijwattana (Fern) as Sunisa (Bee)
Wichai Jongprasittiporn (Aek) as Smith (Num)

Based on the novel by KingChat
Production : Bangkok Drama
Director: Chatchai Naksuriya
Summary edited from Press Kit by ChumUra @
Translated by wishbone

“For what we see…
What is it, actually?
The puzzle of the powerful spirit...
The supernatural mystery...
or… Plianfah’s psychic power
that create a lot of scary issues”

People in Plian Fah Residence, the famous prophet house, were excited when they saw that Diana or Annie, a famous singer stepped into their place together with Songrob, the owner of HeartSong Company and Songton, Songrob’s older brother and a former superstar of Thailand. Annie came here to get the prediction because she often had the same nightmare.

The prophets of this residence are Grandpa Puek and Pruk, the card interpreters, Granny Paen, a medium of Goddess Tubtim and Plianfah, a son of Pruk, who could see the future. All of them gave Annie the same prediction that she would be dead. Annie believed it because she herself could feel something bad in her bones either. Songton, Songrob, Plernpit, her mother and Pasit, her step-father told her that she was nonsense and had a blind faith, so she had to keep this anxiety with only herself.

, Pruk’s daughter, was the only one in family who didn’t have any sixth sense, but she was the real fan of Annie. When she knew about the prediction, she was frightened and worried about Annie so much. Chomduen tried to ask Plianfah, her younger brother, how she could help Annie, but he didn’t give her the answer. He just told her that everything was the destiny and no one could change it.

Unexpectedly, a week later, the prediction of the prophets in Plian Fah Residence was proved. Many newspaper and medias had the headline news about Annie’s thrilling death. She fell from the deck of HeartSong Company in the middle of a night.

Though the police performed an autopsy and concluded that it was an accident, Plernpit, Annie's mother believed that it was a murder because before Annie’s death, she had the complicated problem about love with 2 brothers, Songrob and Songton. Songrob fell in love with Annie, but she was in love with Songton. However, Songton was a playboy and he didn’t want to have a serious relationship with any girls, so he tried to get Annie out of his life. When the love triangle could not be solved, it ended up with the tragedy.

Plernpit asked the police to revive the case. The inspector Manas used to be the one who investigated both Songton and Songrob, but he didn’t see any suspicion from them because both of them could be the witness for each other that they were together during that time. But Plernpit didn’t believe them and tried to accuse Songrob and Songton because she wanted them to compensate for Annie’s death.

, Annie’s younger sister asked her mom to stop this issue because she worried that it would affect her future with HeartSong Company. And importantly, she wanted to protect Songton, a man she loved though he was her sister’s ex-boyfriend. Plernpit blamed Jillie that she was stupid like Annie for falling in love with a guy like Songton.

Chomduen also didn’t believe that Annie’s death was the accident or suicide. Since the oracle like Plianfah confirmed that it was a murder, she was more confident of it, but Plianfah refused to answer her who the murderer was. He just told her that the murderer would reveal oneself someday.

One night, Chomduen saw Annie’s sad spirit. She told everyone in Plian Fah Residence about it, but they didn’t believe her and said that she was nonsense because she was just absorbed in Annie’s death too much. Chomduen was very sorry and wanted to win over them by proving that she also had sixth sense the same as them. Sabaithip, her mother tried to explain to Chomduen that someday, she would know that being the normal person was the best thing and that was the reason why her mother chose to live her life as a normal person more than to be the oracle like the rest of the family.

No matter how anyone said, Chomduen was still stubborn and announced that she would be the one who solved the mystery of Annie’s death by herself. She wanted to prove that she really saw Annie’s spirit, and it was not just her dream.

Chomduen tried to apply for a job in HeartSong Company to find out Annie’s mystery. In that company, Chomduen met Sunisa or Bee who worked as a creative there. They had been antagonist to each other since they were students because Sunisa used to steal Chomduen’s work to present to the professor.

Chomduen worked in the company as a creative without success because Sunisa kept stealing Chomduen’s work and idea to use for herself all the time. However, Chomduen didn’t worry about it because her ambition was to find out Annie’s murderer, so she spent her most time to trace and try to prove every suspects in the company from the security guard to the executives.

In the short time, she could cross out many suspects in her list until there were only Annie’s intimate people left, which were Songton, Songrob and Jillie. 3 of them had the reason enough to be the murderer because at that time, Songton and Annie were the lovers, but Songton secretly dated with Jillie at the same time and Jillie was an ill-tempered girl. One night, Chomduen heard Songton and Jillie quarrelling with each other and Jillie said that she hated Annie.

Moreover, another suspect that Chomduen kept an eye on was Songton, a former famous superstar who was a playboy and had many girls. He had many suspicious things because before Annie was dead, they were the lovers and there was the rumor that Songton tried to dump her, but she resisted, so it was possible that he tried to find another way to get rid of Annie out of his life.

Chomduen tried to find out and digged out about Songton. When Songrob knew about it, he was upset and tried to protect his brother, he told Chomduen to stop investigating about what she suspected, but Chomduen refused and didn’t give up, and that made Songrob and Chomduen had bad relationship with each other.

Though Songrob was unhappy about what Chomduen was trying to do, Chomduen's stubborn and self-confident personality impressed him because he was looking for a new host with this kind of personality to host with Songton in the new TV show called "Gae Roy" or "The Trace", the new style TV show hunting for the truth that Songrob was the producer.

Chomduen was chosen to be a new raising-star host in the new TV show. That made Sunisa upset so much. She thought that Chomduen flattered and seduced Songrob to make her way up, so she tried to win over Chomduen by offering herself and trying to be close to Songton. Songton didn’t refuse her because there were many girls offering themselves to him usually. Moreover, Sunisa tried to make Jillie hate and jealous of Chomduen by spreading the news that Chomduen had the affair with both Songrob and Songton in trade for her achievement.

The more there were misunderstanding and scandal, the more famous Chomduen became and the relationship between her and Songrob kept growing more and more. When she got close to Songrob, she knew from Songrob that though Songton’s personality was like a womanizer, he always loved Annie so much actually and a generous person like Songton could never be a murderer or harm anyone, especially a woman he loved.

The love relationship between Songrob and Chomduen developed, but the mystery about Annie’s case became a deadlock because Chomduen found that every people around Annie loved Annie a lot and it was impossible that any of them could be the murderer. So, Chomduen decided to give up.

Anyway, with Sunisa’s jealousy, when she couldn’t use Songton as her stairways to her success, she tried to get revenge and destroy HeartSong Company. She gave the news to the reporters that Songrob was the suspect of this love-triangle murder case because he fell in love with Annie so much, but he was disappointed because she refused him.

This murder case was revived. Going to the court this time, Plianfah suggested Songrob and Songton to say the truth and not try to keep any secret, so that they would not be sorrowful and sufferings as before. Therefore, Songton confessed that in the night that Annie was dead, he was with another girl, but he didn’t want it to become a headline news, so he told the police that he was with Songrob at the office. Songrob also confessed that actually, there were only him and Annie at the office in that night.

Though Jillie knew that Songton had a lot of woman in his life and had done bad to Annie, her sister, she still loved him. Because of love, she defended him by holding a press conference to guarantee Songton’s innocence with her own reputation.

Jillie proved to Songton that she could give up everything for him. Finally Songton could be acquitted from being the murder suspect. There was only Songrob who was still in suspect.

The situation became turning point when Chomduen accidentally found the tape recording the quarrelling incident between Songrob and Annie. Annie screamed at him that though Songrob killed her, she would still love only Songton. She could never change her mind to love Songrob. Chomduen was shocked when Songrob threatened Annie that she should not force him, otherwise he might really do something crazy.

Chomduen was struck all of a heap when she knew that the most suspicious person was Songrob, the man she trusted most and he had a lot of secrets hiding from her all the time.

What would she choose,
Between love and the right thing?

Who…was the murderer who killed Annie?

And why?…The closer she traced to the truth,
the more Annie’s spirit looked so sad and sufferings.

The love of 2 couples

Songrob and Chomduen
Songton and Jillie

How would it end up?

Let's find the truth along with Chomduen in this lakorn. ^___^

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Original Soundtrack
Song: Kwam Rak Yoo Nai (Where is Love?)
Artist: Boy Pisanu


ฟ้ามีจริง และฝนก็มีจริงๆ
Fah Mee Jing Lae Fon Gor Mee Jing Jing
The sky really exists and the rain really exists,

Laew Rak Mee Jing Rue Mai Mee
Does love really exist?

Ha Ngeun Ngam
Seeking for the clue,

จะค้นและหากันที ก็ไม่มีร่องรอย
Ja Kon Lae Ha Gan Tee Gor Mai Mee Rong Roy
Finding and searching anytime, there's no any trace.

* แต่ทุกครั้ง...ที่ใกล้ชิดกันกับเธอ
Tae Took Krang...Tee Klai Chid Gan Gab Thur
But every times when I've been close to you,

Gor Muen Mee Rak Long Loy Nai Agard
it's just like there's love floating in the air.

อีกคำถาม...ทุกๆ คำที่ขาด
Eek Kam Tam...Took Took Kam Tee Khad
And for the question...every missing words,

Gor Kon Gor Pob Nai Sai Ta Thur
I found it in your eyes.

** ความรักอยู่ไหน นี่ไงอยู่ตรงนี้...
Kwam Rak Yoo Nai Nee Ngai Yoo Trong Nee
Where is love? Here, it's right here.

Gor Jai Bong Chee Wa Kwam Rak Mee Jing Yoo Tee Thur
My heart indicated that love really exists with you.

ความรักอยู่ไหน นี่ไงอยู่ตรงนี้ที่ฉันได้เจอ
Kwam Rak Yoo Nai Nee Ngai Yoo Trong Nee Tee Chan Dai Jer
Where is love? Here, it's right here where I found it.

Job Garn Kon Ha Yood Tang Jai Trong Tee Thur
End my searching, stop my whole heart with you.

*** นา...น้า...นา...นา...นั่น...นา...น้า...นา

หาใครๆ บนฟ้าหรือในทะเล
Ha Krai Krai Bon Fah Rue Nai Tale
Finding anyone in the sky or in the sea,

Ha Rak Tao Rai Gor Mai Mee
finding love, there's no any.

ถามใครๆ ก็หาไม่เจอสักที
Tam KRai Krai Krai Gor Ha Mai Jer Sak Tee
Asking anyone, unable to find,

Mai Mee Boae Sae Leoy
no any trace at all.

(* / ** / *** / *** / ** / ** )

Original Soundtrack
Song: Khon Ngo Nai Krajok (A Fool in the Mirror)
Artist: Boy Pisanu/Malina

ถ้าวันนี้ไม่รู้ เธอสำคัญมากแค่ไหน
Ta Wan Nee Mai Roo Thur Samkan Mak Kae Nai
If today, I don't know how important you are...

ถ้าเธอไม่จากไป ถ้าไม่ได้ไปกับเขา
Ta Thur Mai Jak Pai Ta Mai Dai Pai Gab Khao
if you have not been away...if you didn't go with him...

ถ้าฉันคนนี้ ยังเหลือใครใคร
Ta Chan Khon Nee Yang Lueh Krai Krai
if I still have someone left...

Tuen Kuen Ma Mai Hen Kwam Wang Plao
waking up without emptiness,

ฉันคนนี้ ก็คงไม่ได้รู้ รู้ถึงความปวดใจ
Chan Khon Nee Gor Kong Mai Dai Roo Roo Tueng Kwam Puad Jai
I may not know...know about heartache.

ถ้าวันนั้นได้รู้ ถนอมเธอมากกว่าใคร
Ta Wan Nan Dai Roo Tanom Thur Mak Kwa Krai
If that day, I knew and cared for you more than anyone else...

ถ้าฉันไม่จากไป ตัวเขาคงไม่เข้ามา
Ta Chan Mai Jak Pai Tua Kao Kong Mai Kao Ma
if I didn't go away, he may not come in.

ถ้ารู้อย่างนี้ จะไม่มีวัน ปล่อยให้เธอไปโดยไม่ไขว่คว้า
Ta Roo Yang Nee Ja Mai Mee Wa Ploi Hai Thur Pai Doy Mai Kwai Kwa
If I knew this, I would never let you go without grabing for you.

รู้ก็สาย เมื่อไม่เหลือเธอนั้น อีกแล้ว
Roo Gor Sai Mueh Mai Leuh Thur Nan Eek Laew
It's too late to know when I don't have you anymore.

*จากนี้...ทุกครั้งฉันเห็นตัวเอง เงาในกระจกสะท้อนมา
Jak Nee...Took Krang Chan Hen Tua Eng Ngao Nai Krajok Saton Ma
From now on, everytime when I see myself...the reflection in the morror,

ฉันก็เห็นเพียงคนโง่คนหนึ่ง ที่ควรต้องเจ็บอย่างนี้
Chan Gor Hen Piang Khon Ngo Khon Nueng Tee Kuan Tong Jeb Yang Nee
I see only a fool who deserves to be hurt like this.

ในแววตาคนในกระจก จะคอยซ้ำเติมใจทุกที
Nai Waew Ta Khon Nai Krajok Ja Koy Sam Term Jai Took Tee
The eyes of a person in the mirror will keep stabbing my heart everytimes.

เจ็บสักทีก็ดี ก็สมที่ไม่เหลือใคร
Jeb Sak Tee Gor Dee Gor Som Tee Mai Lueh Krai
It's good to be hurt. It serves me right to have no one left.

ถ้าได้รู้สักนิด ถ้าคิดได้เร็วกว่านี้
Ta Dai Roo Sak Nid Ta Kid Dai Rew Kwa Nee
If I knew even a bit...if I could think of it earlier than this,

ต้องไม่มีวันนี้ ที่เห็นเธอเดินจากไป
Tong Mai Mee Wan Nee Tee Hen Thur Dern Jak Pai
I would not have today that I saw you walk away.

ได้รู้วันนี้ จะได้อะไร จะเอาเธอคืนมา ได้จากไหน
Dai Roo Wan Nee Ja Dai Arai Ja Ao Thur Kuen Ma Dai Jak Nai
I just realize it today, what will I get? Where can I get you back from?

เมื่อได้รู้ เมื่อวันนี้ได้รู้ ก็สาย
Mueh Dai Roo Meuh Wan Nee Dai Roo Gor Sai
When I know...when today, I know, it's too late.


ฉันทิ้งทุกทุกโอกาส ที่จะได้อยู่ข้างเธอ
Chan Ting Took Took Okat Tee Ja Dai Yoo Khang Thur
I left every chance that I could be by your side.

ฉันทิ้งวันคืนที่ดี จะไปหาได้จากไหน
Chan Ting Wan Kewn Tee Dee Ja Pai Ha Dai Jak Nai
I left the good day and night. Where can I find it from?

เพิ่งรู้ว่าผิด เพิ่งรู้ว่าเจ็บ ยิ่งกว่าเสียใจ
Perng Roo Wa Pid Perng Roo Wa Jeb Ying Kwa Sia Jai
I just realize that I'm wrong...just realize that I'm hurt...more than sorry.

คิดเสียดาย มันก็ยังสายไป
Kid Sia Dai Man Gor Yang Sai Pai
Thinking of's still too late.


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