Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kaew Tah Pee (The Apple of My Eye)

Released: Sep, 2006
13 Episodes

  • Jesadaporn Pholdee (Tik) as Chisanu Naresuan
  • Khemupsorn Sirisukha (Cherry) as Nathlada
  • Sakawjai Poonsawas (Aom) as Lady Lerlaksami (Lizzy)
  • Worarit Vaijiaranai (Ace) as Pruk
  • Primrata Dejudom (Jaja) as Amitada
  • Jirayu laoongmanee (Gaw) as Amaj


Chisanu a blind millionaire who lose his love after he has a car accident that make him blind and his girlfriend leave him to marry anoher man. One day, he meets a pretty kindergarten teacher, Nathlada, who just lose her love and almost commit suicide. But She changes her mind after she sees a hopeful blind man like him. She thinks that he is a poor fisherman. Her kindness touch his heart and he doesn't want to lose her again, so he proposes to marry her and she accepts it even though she thinks that he is a poor blind fisherman. After thier marriage and Nathlada knows the truth, they go to France to have a surgery. However, Chisanu's ex-girlfriend wants to return and does everything to separate them.

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I tried to traslate and sub them for non-Thai speaker who's interested to watch it.

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Episode1 Part1 : Episode1 Part2 : Episode1 Part3
Episode2 Part1 : Episode2 Part2
Episode3 Part1 : Episode3 Part2
Episode4 Part1 : Episode4 Part2
Episode5 Part1 : Episode5 Part2
Episode6 Part1 : Episode6 Part2
Episode7 Part1 : Episode7 Part2
Episode8 Part1 : Episode8 Part2
Episode9 Part1 : Episode9 Part2
Episode10Part1: Episode10 Part2
Episode11Part1: Episode11 Part2
Episode12Part1 : Episode12 Part
Episode13 Part1 : Episode13 Part2

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