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Toranee Ni Nee Krai Krong (Who does this earth belong to?)

Released: June 29th, 2012
Episodes: TBA
Genre: Romantic/Comedy


Nadech Kugimiya (Barry) as Athit
Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya) as Darunee
Duangta Tungkamanee (Took) as Grandma Daeng
Vivid bavornkiratikajorn (Tee) as Vethang
Savitree Suttichanond (Beau) as Tunlayanee (Toon)
Sumontip Leuangthai (Gubgib) as Wiyada
Daraneenuch Pothipiti as Aunt Kaew
Kluay Chernyim as Uncle KrengWayne Falconer as Pravate
Chalermpol Tikampornwong (Jack) as Aueng
Kanokpong Anurakjanyong as Pan
Akarin Areerak (Ae Chernyim) as Tod
Benjapol ChoeyArun (Golf) as Paitoon
Rungthong Ruamthong as Wilailak
Thansita Suwacharathanakit (Chompoo) as Thongprasri
Sirinuch Petch-Urai as Kamma
Santi Santiwechakul as Singthong
Jaturong Korimas as Thongbai
Pajaree Na Nakorn (poodle) as Tu
Thiparin Yodthanasawas as Thongprasarn
Nawaporn Boonmee as Thongprasom


After Athit graduated from an agricultural college, he decided not to continue studying in order to open a chance for his brothers and sisters to study after they stopped studying and let him study until he graduated, He's the oldest son of 10 kids in an inferior government officer's family.

Athit didn't think to work in the government job. He dreamt to own the land and use his knowledge to make it useful. Grandma Daeng has 20 kids and Athit's father is her oldest son. In the past, Athit's father stole Grandma Daeng's money and ran away from home because he didn't want to work hard in his mother's farm. Since Athit want to do farming, his father decided to send him to stay with Grandma Daeng, so that Athit can redeem his father's guilt.

Grandma Daeng welcomed Athit because all her children got married and left home, and no one wanted to carry on the farming work from her. Therefore, Grandma Daeng made a deal with Athit that Grandma would support the money for Athit's siblings' education funds and Athit had to work without salary to repay for this debt and for his father's guilt in the past.

Grandma Daeng treated Athit very well after she tested and trusted him. So, she decided to gave Athit her empty land to make it useful. Athit seemed to be Grandma Daeng's favourite grandson now.

Darunee was a high-school girl and younger than Athit, but she was adopted to be Grandma Daeng's youngest sister, so her status was Athit's grand aunt. Since the first met, she had prejudice against Athit and thought that he was her enemy because she was jealous of him and feared that he would steal all Grandma Daeng's love from her. Athit also didn't give in to her, so they always quarrelled and fought with each other. It made Grandma Daeng distressed.

Athit worked hard to develop the farm with his knowledge. However, he made a mistake by growing the Cavendish Banana in his farm for selling. He didn't know that this kind of banana is seeded and inedible. When Darunee knew it, she wanted to tease him, so she didn't tell him that this kind of banana is useless and inedible. She also told all workers not to tell Athit because she wanted to humiliate him later.

Darunee's evil plan was successful. Athit felt shame, very hurt and lonely in the strange land, so he went out to drink and got drunk. When he woke up, he found that he made a slip to Thongprasri, the grocery's daughter. He woke up in her room and she cried that he raped her.

It became the big deal. Grandma Daeng tried to help Athit as best as she could. Darunee felt guilty for causing Athit's trouble. Athit was seriously sick of malaria, so Grandma Daeng forced Darunee to apologize him and take care of him closely to redeem her fault. However, they still fought with each other behind Grandma Daeng's back.

When Athit got well, he got the trouble. Thongprasri was shameless and came to force Athit to accept her as his wife. Athit was sure that he didn't rape or sleep with her, but he didn't want Grandma Daeng to lose her reputation if Thongprasri and her family sued him, so he accepted to be responsible for her. So, Grandma Daeng let them get married. But Athit kept avoiding Thongprasri. He didn't even make an apprearance as a groom in the wedding ceremony by making an excuse that he had to work hard to repay for the debt.

Thongprasri's parents incited her to move to live with him in the farm and she really did. Athit had to move out to stay with the workers and didn't care about her. He kept staying away and working in the farm. Thongprasri was very lonely. Later, she got caught that she committed adultery and got pregnant. So, Athit chased her away back to her home and now, Athit was free from this fake marriage.

Athit's and Darunee's lives went on like the sun and the moon that is hard to meet each other. Athit tried to avoid her by going to work in the orchard all the time, so he didn't even know how Darunee lived and didn't know that she went to study in the university in Bangkok. Until many years passed, Grandma Deang passed away peacefully.

In Grandma Deang's will, Grandma Deang assigned Athit to take care of all inheritance and be Darunee's guardian until Darunee graduated, and then her anoher will could be opened again.

As Darunee's guardian, it made their relationship better. They got more familiar and had good feeling for each other. But they still argued with each other sometimes. Athit knew that Vethang, his uncle's son admired Darunee and tried to move on her. Though Athit didn't like Vethang, he tried to support Darunee to accept Vethang because he thought that Vethang had a good future and fortune. Darunee was hurt because she felt like Athit tried to chase her away.

After Darunee graduated, she brought Tulayanee or Toon, her friend home to take vacation. Darunee intended to match make her with Athit and her intention came true. Athit fell head over heels for Tulayanee. However, when the relationship between Athit and Tulayanee developed, Darunee had a strange feeling and felt hurt inside, but she pretended to be glad with their love.

Aunt Kaew, the maid who had been with Grandma Deang for so long couldn't stand seeing this situation because Grangma Deang used to tell her to make Athit and Darunee end up together. So, she hired Thongptrasri to show up and tell Tulayanee that she was Athit's wife and had a son with him. Tulayanee felt ashamed and ran away back to Bangkok immediately.

Athit was heartbroken. One day, he was sick because he was bitten by a snake. Darunee helped him and kept taking good care of him until Athit was impressed and just realized his own feeling for Darunee that he tried to keep deep inside.

However, Darunee thought that he still loved her friend, so she tried to tell him that she would try to make Tulayanee get back to him. Athit thought that Darunee had feeling for Vethang. That's why she tried to force him to her friend. Aunt Kaew knew that Athit and Darunee had good feeling for each other. She couldn't stand seeing them being tight-lipped and in denial anymore. So, she planed to do something to make them know each other's feeling and end up together.

Original Soundtrack
Song: Aab Chob (Secretly Admiring)
Artist: A-Ong-Fong 

Original Soundtrack
Song: Khon Bon Fah Tongkarn Hai Rak (Someone on heaven wants us to love each other)
Artist: Aof Pongsak&Lydia

Have you ever felt that our hearts are the same?
Do you think the same as I do?
Have you ever been this sometimes?
ต้องทบทวนเรื่องราว เรื่องระหว่างเราทั้งคืน
Thinking over about what's between us for the whole night?
No one has ever made me being like this before.
You're the only one my heart wants.
* ใช่เธอหรือเปล่า เธอใช่ไหม
Is it you? It's you, isn't it?
The one who the heaven sent to be with me.
 ใช่เธอหรือเปล่า เธอหรือเปล่า
Is it you? It's you, isn't it?
The one who will erase the loneliness from my heart.
ใช่ไหมคือเธอใช่ไหม ที่คนบนฟ้าต้องการให้รัก
Is it? Is it you who the heaven wants me to love?
เคยเหงาอยู่ตรงนี้ ก็เพราะไม่มีใคร
I've been lonely right here because I had no one...
to warm my heart at all.
It's not the same as today.
แค่มีคนบางคน ก็รู้สึกดีขึ้นมา
I just have someone and I feel better.
No one has ever made me being like this before.
You're the only one my heart wants.
The sound of my heart keeps telling me that it's you.
I've never been serious with anyone like this before.
The one who will erase the loneliness from my heart.
ใช่ไหมคือเธอใช่ไหม ที่คนบนฟ้าต้องการให้รัก
Is it? Is it you who the heaven wants me to love?

Original Soundtrack
Song: Hai Rak Man Toh Nai Jai (Let love grow up in my heart)
Artist: Nadech Kugimiya

แอบมองทุกวัน แอบผูกพันในหัวใจ
I secretly look at you everyday, secretly feel attached in my heart.
รักเธอมากแค่ไหน ก็ต้องซ่อนเก็บมันไว้ก่อน
No matter how much I love you, I must keep it inside.
ก็พอเข้าใจ ไม่มีสิทธิ์ไปอ้อนวอน
I know I have no right to beg you.
ฉันเป็นได้แค่ไหน ก็พอรู้อยู่เต็มหัวใจ
What I can be, I wholeheartedly know it.
*ได้แอบรักเธออย่างนี้ต่อไป ก็มีความสุขแล้ว
I just keep on secretly loving you like this and I'm happy enough.
**ให้ความรักมันเติบโตในใจ ปลูกมันไว้ในส่วนลึกที่สุดในใจ
Let love grow up in my heart. Grow it up in the deepest of my heart.
I wish to stand under the shade with you on and on.
แม้ไม่เคยได้รู้ใจ ก็ไม่เป็นไร ฉันรักเธอ
Though you don't know my feeling, it doesn't matter. I love you.
แค่ได้พบกัน แค่ในบางวันก็พอ
I just see you only in some days and it's enough.
ฉันยินดีจะรอ หากวันไหนไม่ได้พบเธอ
I'm willing to wait if someday, I can't see you.
แค่ได้พบกัน ก็เก็บเอาไปละเมอ
Just seeing you and I dream of you.
There's only you in all 4 rooms of my heart.

Original Soundtrack
Song: Ah-Karn Rak (Symptoms of Love)
Artist: Yaya Urassaya

ใจมันลอยทั้งวัน นี่ฉันกำลังเป็นอะไร
I'm absent-minded for the whole day. What's wrong with me?
ตัวฉันไม่เข้าใจ ก็ไม่เคยเป็นแบบนี้
I don't understand. I've never been like this before.
ทำไมต้องคิดถึงเธอ นี่ฉันกำลังเป็นอะไร
Why do I think of you? What's wrong with me?
คำถามมีมากมาย สงสัยตัวเองอยู่อย่างนี้
There're so many questions. I wonder myself like this.
*เพราะ อาการเหล่านี้คือคำตอบ ของคนที่แอบรักใคร 
Because these symptoms are the answer of a person being in love with someone.
It's something like this.
I don't understand when I've fallen in love with you.
How is it possible?
ช่วยคิดหน่อย คิดหน่อย นึกไม่ออกเลย เมื่อไร
Help me think about it...think about it. I don't know when.
ไม่ชอบสักหน่อย แต่ปากก็แอบไปบ่นถึงเธอบ่อยๆ 
I don't like you, but I often talk about you. 
I'm also confused with myself.
รักเธอ รักเธอไหม อาการแบบนี้ เรียกว่ารักหรือเปล่า
Love you? Do I love you? Is this a symptom of love?
I secretly care and get possessive of you. 
I don't know why.
I want to pick a fight with you,
so that I can get close to you like this.
Why do I often think of you like this?

Original Soundtrack
Song: Ja Lerk Jao Choo (I will stop being flirty)
Artist: Tee Vivid

ก็โลกนี้มีความงดงามอยู่ รายล้อมเราให้ได้เห็นกัน
In this world, there's beauty all around for us to see.
ที่ผ่านมาก็เป็นเหมือนคนอื่น ก็แค่ชื่นชมด้วยสายตา
All along, it was the same as others. I just admired it only with my eyes.

* จนวันที่ฉันได้เจอกับเธอ สรุปในหัวใจได้ว่าเธอคือที่สุด
Until the day I met you, I can conclude in mind that you're the most.
เธอทำให้ใจฉันต้องหยุด ให้ฉันพูดคำนี้ออกมา
You stop my heart and make me say this word.

** จะมีแต่รัก..รักเธอ ไม่มีทางหายใจเพื่อใครอื่น
I will only you, no way to breathe for someone else.
จะเลิกเจ้าชู้ จะไม่เอียงสายตาไปที่ไหน
I will stop being flirty, will not turn my eyes to anywhere else.
อยากให้เธอเชื่อคนอย่างฉัน ว่าก็รักจริงจังเป็นเหมือนใคร
I want you to believe in a person like me that I can seriously love someone.
หากเธอแกล้งเอียงตัวมาใกล้ จะกอดเธอไว้ให้แน่นเลย
If you lean yourself close to me, I'll hug you tightly.

ก็ความรักไม่รู้ได้ด้วยตา อยากรู้ก็ต้องลองต้องได้สัมผัส
Love can't be known by seeing. If you want to know, you must touch it.
ที่ผ่านมามากมายหลายหลายคน แค่เพียงเข้ามาแล้วผ่านไป
All along, many people just came in and went by.

 * / ** / solo / **

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Game Rai Game Rak (Evil Game & Love Game)

Released: October 28th, 2011
Episodes: 21 Episodes
Genre: Romantic/Drama/Slap-Kiss


Nadech Kugimiya (Barry) as Saichon/Charles
Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya) as Fahlada/Nang Fah
Natwara Wongwasana (Mint) as Chompooprae
Thanawat Wattanaphut (Pope) as Dr.Wattana
Savitree Suttichanond (Beau) as Mami
Methus Treewattanawareesin (Jack) as James
Pisanu Nimsakul (Boy) as Sahat
Chalermpol Thikamporntheerawong (Jack) as Taeloy
Wut Surinthorn as Thongthai
Kajanathaneeya Srirojwattana (Kitty) as Suay
Kluay Chernyim as Sala
Paweena Charivsakul (Jeab) as Saengdao
Panyapol Dejsong (AA) as Yasa
Wiyada Umarin as Pirka
Theerachart Theerawittayangkool (Aood) as Nara
Sripan Boonnak as Areefa
Chotika Wongwilas (Noey) as Plernta
ฺBaromwut Hiranyatsathiti (Mik) as Veeradech
Duangjai Hathaikarn as Aunt Niam
Peter Thunasatra as Michael


No one know if it's because of coincidence or destiny. One day in the late morning, the sea that has ever been peaceful turned mad. The big wave swashed and destroyed everything to the ground. It drowned many lives away. It's unforgettable sadness and loss. But in that sadness, the great love occurred when a young guy on the Min Island, the uncivilized small island, met a girl who was lying unconscious on the beach because of the big wave.

Saichon helped that girl and took care of her until she was conscious, but what stunned him was that she lost her memories. She couldn't remember even her name.

Because of her beauty like an angel that he used to see in the painting, so he named her "NangFah" (Angel). She was happy with this name because she felt that it made her beautiful and elegant. Her manners and behavior was not different from 8 year old girl. But Saichon estimated her real age from her appearance that she might have the same age as Mami, the 16 year old girl on the island who had a crush on him. So, he thought that besides her memory loss, her brain might get severely injured and it effected her behavior. Saichon took care of NangFah as his sister. Mami also adored NangFah as Saichon's sister and helped to suggest her about everything.

When Saengdao, the village head man's wife, knew about this, she told Saichon to make NangFah his wife because Saichon was a lonely orphan and he should have his own family now. Mami started to see the closeness between Saichon and NangFah, so she tried to warn Saichon. But NangFah's beauty got his heart more and more. NangFah's childish behavior caused her being careless of herself. Sometimes, she carelessly held him while she was sleeping and when she took a bath, she took off all her clothes before him. He had to be careful of himself because her naked body always shook his heart everytimes when he touched her. Saichon decided to make the room for her. He got injured while he was cutting the bamboo to make her room. NangFah bandaged him and took care of him. It made them feel attached and their love quietly developed in thier heart. Saichon even named his loved boat that "NangFah"

NangFah gave her heart to Saichon without knowing that the danger was drawing near along with her blooming love. Chompooprae, the only sister of NangFah or Fahlada, her real name, looked for her missing sister after the funeral of Pamorn and Ladda, their father and mother who just passed away because of Tsunami. Chompooprae kept looking for Fahlada with Doctor Wattana's help, but they couldn't find Fahlada. Wattana kept soothing Chompooprae without knowing that Chompooprae didn't look for Fahlada because she worried about her sister, but because she hoped for the inheritance of the family. All inheritance was in Fahlada's name because Chompooprae was just the adopted daughter before their father and mother gave birth to Fahlada. The only person who knew about this was only Aunt Niam, the old maid. But Aunt Niam also didn't know Chompooprae's true intention because Chompooprae always acted as if she loved her sister so much. But actually, in her mind, she felt very hurt that she got nothing, but only the house and some money from this family.

By the law, Chompooprae would have the right to deal with everything instead of Fahlada who was the missing person, but she had to wait for a year.

She thought that it was too late because she wanted to sell the land and use that money to do the important business right now. That's why Chompooprae tried so hardly to look for Fahlada. Her purpose was to persuade Fahlada to give her the right to be the executor. She thought that it was not so hard because Fahlada was a docile person.

Yasa, the merchant on Min Island met NangFah and had a crush on her, so he planed to kidnap her. Saichon and the villagers helped together to look for her. When NangFah knew that she was in danger, she fought with her life. She smashed Yasa's head with the wood stick before running away into the jungle. Saichon, Mami and the villagers looked for NangFah and found Yasa. Saichon was mad and beated up Yasa with his anger. Yasa told Saichon that he didn't do anything to NangFah, but she ran away and got lost in the jungle now. Saichon ran to look for NangFah in the jungle immediately though there was the rain storm. Everyone tried to stop him, but he didn't listen. NangFah got lost in the jungle and felt tired. The storm was stronger and the lightning strike scared her so much. She saw the cave, so she ran into it to shelter herself from the storm. The only person who she thought of right now was Saichon.

Saichon kept shouting in the rain calling for NangFah along the way. NangFah heard Saichon's voice and walked out to see him, but she stumbled and fell down. So, Saichon didn't see her and walked pass that cave. NangFah cried with hurt. Finally, Saichon walked back to the cave and found her. They hugged each other with gladness. Their bodies touched each other with overwhelming love in their heart. Saichon couldn't stop his feeling anymore and NangFah also knew that Saichon was the guy she loved and wanted to entrust her life to, so she willingly gave her body to him. After that Saichon announced to everyone that he would get married with NangFah and they would have a small wedding and live their lives together.

Chompooprae published the news to look for Fahlada and offered the money as reward. Yasa saw the news and told Chompooprae for reward. Chompooprae sent people to get Fahlada back. Her people beated up Saichon who tried to stop them until he was unconcious and they took NangFah away from Saichon. Mami and Tiwa came to help and took Saichon back home. Saichon woke up with sorrow like crazy.

Fahlada woke up and acted madly. She couldn't remember anything and kept calling only for Saichon. Chompooprae was shocked that Fahlada kept calling only for Saichon. Fahlada's condition was so serious that Doctor Wattana had to use the electric shock for treatment.

This treatment was effective. Fahlada regained her memories, but unfortunately, she couldn't remember anything about Min Island at all. Fahlada just only cried with sadness for the death of her father and mother. When Chompooprae knew about Fahlada's condition, she seized this chance to take advantage for herself by asking Doctor Wattana to make the document about Fahlada's brain problem, so that she could ask the court to appoint her as the executor. She lied to Dr.Wattana that her family was indebted and if she didn't deal with everything, her family would be sued and bankrupt. She also told Dr.Wattana that she would accept to engage him because she knew that he had loved her for so long. So, he accepted to do it for her.

Mami kept soothing Saichon from sadness and hoped that he would turn to love her someday. But no matter how much she did good to him, he didn't care about her. Saichon decided to go to look for NangFah in Bangkok. While he was sailing, there was the storm and he found the sinking boat in the sea. He thought that NangFah might come back to him, so he hurried to see. However, he found that the person who was in that boat is an American businessman who came to survey the islands in Thailand and got an accident from the storm. Saichom took Michael back to his place and took care of him without thinking that this guy would totally change his life. Michael appreciated the debt of gratitude he owed to Saichon, so he asked Saichon to go to America with him, but Saichon refused because he hoped to see NangFah again. So, Michael left his namecard with Saichon just in case he needed help.

Saichon went to Bangkok to look for Nangfah, but it was not easy to find someone in the big city. Saichon couldn't find NangFah and was beaten up and his money was stolen. He had only Michael's namecard left. Saichon felt hopeless in life and thought that he could not see NangFah anymore in this life, so he wanted to get away from everything and everywhere that NangFah had ever been, so he decided to go away from everyone on Min Island and go to see Michael.

At the same time, Fahlada got treatment until she recovered. Chompooprae wanted to sent Fahlada to stay far away, so she incited Fahlada to go to study abroad. Fahlada was bored of the nightmare that happened to her. She always dreamt of the scary big wave and the shadow of a man. She thought that the distance and the new experience could wipe out the nightmare from her mind.

After Fahlada went to study abroad, Chompooprae capitalized all properties. She sold the lands and used that money to do business with the new airline company whose big boss was an American millionaire named Michael.

Many years later, Fahlada and Saichon came back from America by the same flight, but the destiny made them not see each other. They both had changed. Fahlada became a pretty girl and Saichon became a charming, handsome and talented businessman.

Saichon or Charles came to be the CEO of the new airline company in Bangkok and Chompooprae was the partner of this airline business. When Chompooprae met Saichon, she fell in love with him all at once. Saichon asked to rent a house that was the real estate business of Chompooprae's family. She was willing to handle it for him. Because Chompooprae fell in love with someone else who was not Dr. Wattana, her fiance, it made Fahlada worry about her sister and feel sorry for a good guy like Dr. Wattana, so she tried to know who Saichon was, so that she would tell him to stay away from her sister.

One day, they both met each other. Saichon was shocked when he saw his NangFah again. But what hurt him so much was Fahlada's cold and distant eyes.

Saichon wanted to know the truth if Fahlada was really his NangFah and if she was, why she forgot him who was her husband and everything on Min Island.

Saichon knew that Fahlada was a creative in an advertising company. Saichon told Chompooprae that he wanted Fahlada to be the organizer for his airline grand opening.

Saichon wanted to work closely to Fahlada. The more he stayed close to her, the more he was sure that she was his NangFah and he was angrier because he thought that Fahlada pretended not to know him. He tried to tease Fahlada in many ways. No matter what idea she gave, Saichon always rejected and irritated her. But Fahlada tried to be patient and didn't give up to him easily.

One day, Saichon knew from Chompooprae that Fahlada had ever been missing to stay with a poor man on an island. Moreover, he heard from Dr. Wattana that Fahlada used to lose her memories once, but she regained her memories now. But Dr.Wattana didn't tell Saichon that Fahlada forgot the incident in the time that she was missing because Chompooprae begged him not to tell anyone because she said she worried about her sister's reputation because she guessed that Fahlada might be raped from someone on the island and she didn't want Fahlada to know about it. But actually, she feared that she might lose everything she had now if Fahlada found out the truth and regained her lost memories.

The half truth that Saichon got and Chompooprae's lie turned love in Saichon's heart into anger because he misunderstood that Fahlada intended to forget him because she didn't want anyone to rake up her past that she had ever had relationship with a low-classed guy like him.

The more Fahlada had many guys around her, the angrier Saichon was at her. Fahlada disliked Saichon because she felt that he was a player who had many girls around him. Importantly, Saichon often came to see Chompooprae at home though he knew that Chompooprae had fiance and he always touched Chompooprae before Fahlada. But actually, Fahlada didn't know that Saichon often came to see her sister because he wanted to see her.

What Saichon did made Chompooprae think that Saichon loved her, so she decided to cancel her engagement with Dr.Wattana. Dr.Wattana was very hurt and it made Fahlada angrier and hate Saichon more. Fahlada went to rebuke Saichon at his office. Saichon took her out with him. They both quarrelled with each other and he kissed her. Though he was angry at her, but he hoped deeply in his mind that this touch would remind Fahlada's memory. But Fahlada mocked him that his kiss was worse than James, her boyfriend's kiss. Saichon was angry and tried to make love to her. At that moment, Fahlada saw the shadow of the guy in her dream became real and this time, she could feel attachment to that guy, so she didn't resist him.

The love scene went on gently and sweetly. But when Fahlada came back to the reality, she found that she slept with the guy who her sister loved and this guy was the bad guy who stole her sister from a good guy like Dr.Wattana. Fahlada was so angry at Saichon that she could kill him. But Saichon blackmailed her that he would tell Chompooprae everything if she didn't yield him. Fahlada was hurt and hated Saichon more. She had intention that she would get rid of Saichon out of her sister's life.

How the love between Saichon and Fahlada will end up, please wait to watch it in "Game Rai Game Rak"

Original Soundtrack
Song: Talay See Dam (The Dark Sea)
Artist: Lula feat.Tar Paradox

Original Soundtrack
Song: กลับมาเป็นเหมือนเดิมได้ไหม (Can we be the same?)
Artist: Crescendo

ทำไมสายตาเย็นชา เวลาที่เราเจอกัน
Why are your eyes so cold when we see each other?
ทำไมต้องทำอะไรอย่างนั้น ไม่เข้าใจ
Why do you do like that? I don't understand.
Do you forget all things in that time?
ภาพในวันวาน ที่ดีต่อกัน
The memories when we've been good together.

*หากวันนั้นฉันทำอะไร ที่ไม่ดีที่ผิดไป
If that day I did something bad...something wrong,
อยากจะขอให้ลืมมันไป ได้ไหม...กลับมารักกัน
I want you to forget it. Can you come back to love me?

Can we be back to be the same?
ยังรอเธอเสมอ ทุกครั้งที่หายใจ
I always wait for you every breathes I take.
I don't want to have a lonely life anymore.
ก็มันทนไม่ไหวจริงๆ เพราะหัวใจรักแค่เธอ (คนเดียว)
I really can't endure it because my heart loves only you. (Only)

ในวันที่ไม่มีกัน ในใจของฉันว่างเปล่า
In the day without you, I feel empty in my heart.
ไม่เคยต้องเหงาอะไรแบบนี้ เพิ่งเข้าใจ
I've never been lonely like this. I just realize it.
If I can turn back time,
ฉันจะไม่ยอม ให้เธอจากไป
I will not let you go.

Original Soundtrack
Song: Tee Rak (Sweetheart)
Artist: Pramote Pathan

ที่ตรงนี้นั้นมีแต่ความรัก ตั้งแต่วันที่เธอเข้ามา
Right here, there's only love since the day you came in.
ที่ตรงนี้นั้นไม่เหงา ไม่ต้องมีน้ำตา
Right here, it's not lonely, no shedding tears.
When I met you, it has changed.

*เธอทำให้โลกสวยงาม กว่าในวันนั้น
You make this world more beautiful than that day.
You changed me so much.
You make my heart understand the meaning...
how true love is.
เมื่อได้รัก รักเธอ ถึงเข้าใจคำๆ นี้
When I you, I understand this word.

**จะรักเธอไปจนตาย ทั้งหัวใจให้เธอไปหมดแล้ว
I will love you until I die. I gave you my whole heart.
ที่รัก...เธอคือดวงใจของฉัน are my heart.
จะรักเธอไปนานๆ จนรักใครไม่ได้
I'll love you for so long that I can't love anyone.
ที่รัก...ฉันรักเธอ ได้ยินไหม (และฉันจะรักเธอตลอดไป)
Sweetheart...I love you. Do you hear me? (And I will love you forever)


เธอเคยเป็นใครไม่อยากรู้ แต่เธอคือนางฟ้าของฉัน
I don't want to know who you've ever been. But you're my angel.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Roy Mai (Silk Trace)

Released: September 5th, 2011
Episodes: 15 Episodes
Genre: Romance/Drama/Horror/Period

Atichart Chumnanont (Aum) as Prince Siriwong (Chao Noi) / Suriyawong
Taksaorn Paksukcharoen (Aff) as Princess Maneerin (Chao Rin) / Rerin
Chatayodom Hiranyatsathiti (Chai) as Prince Siriwattana
Jason Young as Thanin
May FeungArom as Lady Bua Ngern (young)
Pisamai Wilaisak (Mee) as Lady Bua Ngern (old)
Sakaewan Yongjaiyuth (Pingpong) as Kamtiang (young)
NamNgern Boonnak as as Kamtiang (old)
Pimolrat Pisalayabut (Kob) as Wongprajan
OrnAnong Panyawong (Orn) as Wandara
Rachanee Siralert as Panwarin
Jaeng Warapan as Maimae
Chudapa Chanthakhet as Mei
Kriankrai Aoonhanan as Srapan


Rerin, the textile professor goes to take vacation in Chiang Mai because she wants to have time to think over about her relationship with Thanin, her fiance.

On her vacation, she meets Suriyawong, the food designer and the restaurant owner who descends from the prince and Grandma Bua Ngern. Suriyawong falls in love at first sight with Rerin and feels like she's someone who he has longed for. However, Wongprajan, Suriyawong's relative comes in to obstruct their love and declare herself as his fiancee.

And then, the mysterious thing begins when Rerin hears a mysterious guy calling for her from outside her room in the guesthouse. She wonder who he is and how he knows her.

Rerin wants to learn more about the textile, so Suriyawong takes her to talk to Lady Bua Ngern, his grandmother. But when Lady Bua Ngern sees Rerin, she acts like she hates Rerin and calls her Maneerin. Rerin also sees a spirit of Mei, Lady Bua Ngern's servant ghost in that place, but when she tells anyone, no one believe her.

One day, Rerin goes to visit the textile museum. She sees the unfinished fabric on the loom which belongs to Princess Maneerin in the past. In that place, she meets a mysterious guy who she has ever seen in the guesthouse. He actually is the spirit of Prince Siriwattana, the prince from the past, who has been there to wait for her for so long. He asks her to finish weaving the unfinished fabric and Rerin is willing to do it.

During that time, Prince Siriwattana takes her turn back time to see her past life. In the past life, Rerin is Princess Maneerin. She is sent to get married with Prince Siriwattana for the relationship between the states, but Princess Maneerin falls in love with Prince Siriwong, Prince Siriwattana's brother (reincarnated as Suriyawong in the present lifetime). When Lady Bua Ngern who falls in love with Prince Siriwattana knows, she tells Prince Siriwattana about it. Prince Siriwattana is very angry and accidentally killed Prince Siriwong. However, no one knows that in the fact, Ghost Mei possesses Prince Siriwattana's body and tells people to sink the boat of Prince Siriwong.

After Prince Siriwong dies, Maneerin is very sorry. She refuses to eat or do anything, but just weave the fabric in her room. Prince Siriwattana is very angry and tells her to finish this fabric before the wedding day and wear it in their wedding. But Maneerin intends to finish it and use it to strangle herself to death in her wedding day. During the time she weaves the fabric, Lady Bua Ngern comes in to attack her. Maneerin doesn't have strenght to fight back, so she dies in front of Prince Siriwattana and her fabric is left undone.

After that Prince Siriwattana gets married with Lady Bua Ngern, but they have never slept with each other in the same room until Prince Siriwattana is dead from grief later. Lady Bua Ngern is very angry and vengeful for that.

In the present life, when Rerin knows the story, she tries to finish this unfinished fabric to release the spirit of Prince Siriwattana to be in peace. However, Lady Bua Ngern still has grudge against Maneerin or Rerin in the present, so she tries to kill Rerin. Suriyawong can come to save Rerin's life in time, but she becomes paralyzed because of brain stroke.

...Follow up to watch what will happen next in lakorn.

Original Soundtrack
Song: Piang Dai Kiang Thur (Just to be with you)
Artist: Srisalai Suchatwut / Atichar Chumnanont

หมื่นภูผา กับแสนนที
Ten thousands mountains and Hundred thousands rivers...
probably can stop the way we meet each other,
แต่ไม่อาจขวาง หัวใจที่รักเธอ
but can't stop my heart loving you.
แม้ไม่อาจพบเจอ ไม่เคยลืมซักวัน
Though I can't see you, I've never fogotten even once.

คร่ำครวญหา ด้วยใจเฝ้าคอย
I've mourned and longed for you...
from the love and the trace in my dream.
และชีวิตนี้ ก็พร้อมที่จะแลกไป
And this life is ready to be sacrificed...
กับหนึ่งนาทีของใจ ที่ได้มีเธอ
for a minute of heart that I can have you.

ฝากกับแสงจันทรา บอกเธอทุกราตรี
Asking the moonlight to tell you every nights...
I still always love you.
ฝากหมื่นล้านดวงดาว ช่วยคุ้มครองเธอ
Asking many millions stars to protect you.
We will meet someday.

สุดแผ่นน้ำ จะไปพบพา
The end of the sea, I'll go to see you.
สุดแผ่นฟ้า ขอแค่มีเธอเท่านั้น
The end of the sky, I wish to have only you.
ด้วยแรงแห่งรัก ฉันจะข้ามฟ้าไกล
With the power of love, I will cross the distant sky...
ข้ามทุกชาติภพไป เพียงได้เคียงเธอ
cross every lifetimes just to be with you.

Original Soundtrack
Song: Garn Dern Tang Khong Hua Jai (The journey of the heart)
Artist: Pramote Pathan

The journey to find someone who is the real one of my heart.
Do you know how long it takes?
I have to lose a lot of tears...
just to find someone.

The word "love", I've never given it to anyone.
I've kept it for so long.
Until one day, I met you.
I met you only once...
and I was so shaken up.

* คือเธอใช่ไหม ที่รอคอยมาแสนนาน
Is it you who I've waited for so long?
คือเธอใช่ไหม ที่จะเติมเต็มหัวใจ
Is it you who will fulfill my heart?
It's like we've ever met in the last life.
You have something familiar to my heart.
ใช่ไหมใช่เธอหรือเปล่า ที่เกิดมาเป็นคู่กัน
Is it you who were born to be with me?

Do you know? Since we met each other, I've never been lonely.
Because I have you to think of.
Though we just met,
we can get along well with each other.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tas Rak (Slave of Love)

Released: May 25th, 2011
Episodes: 15 Episodes
Genre: Romance/Drama/Period


Krissada Pornweroj (Smart) as His Serene Highness Prince Darbprabsatroo
Thrisadee Sahawong (Por) as AongDin
KhemUpsorn Sirisukkha (Cherry) as Princess Aeyawadee
Janie Thienposuwan as Ward
Daraneenuch Pothipiti (Top) as Tid
Benjapol ChoeyArun (Golf) as Daeng
Thanya Sopol (Daeng) as Mom Nuan
Pajaree Na Nakorn (Poodle) as Nim
Panidej Wattanasuchart (Duke) as Phra Pipit
Chotika Wongwilas (Noey) as Noree
Pasain Ruengwut (Ae) as Khuad
Chudapa Janthakhet (Chu) as Wong
Chotisot Kaewpinij (Sobee) as Pai
Thansita Suwatcharatanakit (Chompoo) as Khao
Prakasit Bosuwan (Pang) as Phra Panit/JeenHong
Saengdao Songsaeng (Joy) as Lueh
Pawanrat Naksuruya (Meaw) as Bang)
Sakaojai Poonsawat (Aom) as Pring


In the late period of King Rama IV of Siam, "Chiang Noi" is a small independent state located between the borders of Siam and Myanmar. Chao Luang Mahacheevit, the old king of Chiang Noi is very sick. He is waiting for Prince Tanlawin who disappears during the civil war last 20 years ago. Princess Aeyawadee can't stand seeing her father lying sick with sufferings, so she decides to go to Siam to look for her brother and bring him back to rule the country.

Princess Aeyawadee leaves Chiang Noi to Siam with AongDin, the quiet and skillful warrior and Tid, her good humoured maid. The news about the princess's journey reaches to people in "the Green Palace" of Mom Nuan. She has an only beloved son named HSH Prince Darbprabsatroo.

People in the Green Palace are more excited about this news than anyone in Siam because Princess Aeyawadee is Prince Darb's fiancee since they were kids. Their elders pair them up for the political purposes though Princess Aeyawadee and Prince Darb have never met each other before and don't agree with this engagement. But Mom Nuan is the only one who is so happy because she hopes for the huge benefit in the ruby mines of Chiang Noi, so she wants Princess Aeyawadee to be her daughter-in-law.

Mom Nuan set the palanquin procession to welcome the princess and annouce to all people in Siam about the princess's coming. Siamese have known about Princess Aeyawadee's reputation that she is very gorgeous and generous princess and she also has very sweet scented hair.

In Siam, there's another girl who was born as a slave in the house of Phra PipitaOsot. Her name is Ward. She has been a slave since she was born because her parents are slaves. She is a smart, ambitious and eager learning girl. She yields to let her masters beat her up, so that she can sneak to eavesdrop and learn about the medicine from her master. She uses her genius to memorize Phra Pipit's medical manual until she's skilled in traditional medicine.

One day, Ward is sold to be a prostitute the big brothel of Phra Panit. Ward decides to escape into the jungle. She uses her smartness and cunning to get away from the men who hunt after her until she meets the Princess Aeyawadee's procession.

Princess Aeyawadee also has the enemy that is Saming Sinthu, her own uncle who conspires with the foreigner to overthrow Chao Mahacheevit. He sends his people to keep obstructing Princess Aeyawadee from looking for her brother.

Princess Aeyawadee doesn't want to let anyone know her status because she worries that it will not be convenient for her to look for her brother. At that time, AongDin helped Ward from the bad guys who hunt for her. He asks Ward to repay him a debt of gratitude by dressing up as Princess Aeyawadee to trick the princess's enemy's people. Ward accepts to do so because she thinks that she can escape after that. However, Ward can't get away from there because Mom Nuan comes to see her and misunderstands that Ward is Princess Aeyawadee.

At the same time, Princess Aeyawadee who disguises herself as a slave separates from AongDin and her maid. Unfortunately, She gets caught with the big group of slaves that is being sent to the brothel.

2 pretty girls are tricked by the destiny. The slave becomes the princess and the princess becomes the slave. AongDin and Tid don't dare to tell Mom Nuan the truth that Ward is not the princess because they worry about the relationship between the countries. AongDin is going to be crazy for losing the real princess.

Ward who is ill-mannered and feisty has to play the role as the princess, while the real Princess Aeyawadee tries to explain about her real status, but no one believe her and they think that she's crazy and daydreaming.

Original Soundtrack

Song: Rak Aoey (Oh...Love)
Artist: Rose Sarinthip

รักเอย เจ้าไม่เคยเว้นผู้ใด! You don't except anyone.
ไม่ว่าเกิดอยู่ในฐานะใด ไม่มีใครหลุดพ้นมันเลย
No matter what status we're in, no one can get away from it.

*ตั้งใจจะไม่รัก ก็ยังต้องรัก แพ้ตัวเองไปอย่างนี้
I didn't meant to love you, but I love. I lose to myself like this.
ต้องยอมทนแลกหัวใจที่มี เพราะว่ารักคำเดียว
I have to trade my heart because only of love.

**เจ็บยังไงก็ทน เพราะว่ามันรัก ทำไมเป็นอย่างนี้
I'm hurt, but I still bear it because of love. Why is it like this?
ผิดก็ทำก็ยอม ไม่มีศักดิ์ศรี ก็เพราะรักเธอผู้เดียว
Though it's wrong, I still do it, having no pride because I love only you.

รักเอย เจ้าบงการทุกๆ อย่าง! You control everything.
ไม่มีหวังก็ยังคิดรักเธอ ทั้งๆ ที่ก็รู้ตัวดี
Having no hope, but I still love you though I know it well.


เพราะว่ามันรัก ทำไมเป็นอย่างนี้
Because of love. Why is it like this?
ผิดก็ทำก็ยอม ไม่มีศักดิ์ศรี ก็เพราะรักเธอผู้เดียว
Though it's wrong, I still do it, having no pride because I love only you.

Original Soundtrack
Song: Lom Hai Jai Peu Krai Khon Nueng (Breath for someone)
Artist: Neung Narongvit

เคยเหมือนไร้จุดหมาย ไม่เคยมีใครให้รัก
I've ever been aimless, never loved anyone,
ไม่ได้รู้จัก ว่ารักที่แท้เป็นไง
never known what true love is.
เพิ่งจะเข้าใจวันนี้ วันที่เธอได้เดินเข้ามา
I just realize it now, the day when you walked in.
ทำให้ฉันห่วงหา มีคนให้คิดถึงกัน
You make me anxious and have someone to think of.

*โอ้ความรัก ทำให้ฉันมีลมหายใจ เพื่อใคร
Oh, love makes me breathe for someone.
This life is meaningful because of you.

**แม้บางวันจะสุข แม้บางคืนจะปวดใจ
Though someday, I'm happy and some night, I'm hurt,
แต่รู้ไหม มันทำให้ฉันยิ่งรักเธอ
do you know it make me love you more?
แค่ได้เห็นเธออยู่ แค่ให้ฉันได้ห่วง
Just seeing you, just caring for you,
it makes my heart very worth.
ชีวิตของฉันจากนี้ จะมีไว้ให้เธอเพียงผู้เดียวไปจนตาย
My life from now on will be only for you until I die.

This love has changed my life much.
It makes me cry and makes me smile as well.
ไม่เคยมีใครอย่างเธอ และไม่เคยมีใครผูกพัน
No one is like you and no one is attached...
who can make a person like me know how to love someone.


Original Soundtrack
Song: Rak Mak Gwa (Love you more)
Artist: Panadda Ruengwut/Tar Mister Team

I won't say that I can pretend to be glad with you easily.
I know well I'm not that good person.
I'm still hurt everytime when I see you and her being close to each other.
But then, I don't regret when I see you.

You just smile at me with happiness from your heart.
That's all and I don't want anything else. Nothing matters.
Because that happiness is greater than suffering in my heart.
ถึงแม้ว่าต้องเจ็บช้ำเท่าไหร่ แต่ความรักในใจยังมากกว่า
No matter how hurt I am, love in my heart is more than that.

นานเท่าไหร่ก็ยังเต็มใจจะคอยห่วงใยใกล้ๆ เธอ
No matter how long it takes, I'm willing to wait and care for you,
though you don't care for me.
I feel good when I can take care of you though I'm not your important person.
ต่อให้ฉันต้องผิดหวังก็ยังรัก และไม่คิดเสียดาย
Though I have to be hurt, I still love and don't regret.


Credit pictures: