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Toranee Ni Nee Krai Krong (Who does this earth belong to?)

Released: June 29th, 2012
Episodes: TBA
Genre: Romantic/Comedy


Nadech Kugimiya (Barry) as Athit
Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya) as Darunee
Duangta Tungkamanee (Took) as Grandma Daeng
Vivid bavornkiratikajorn (Tee) as Vethang
Savitree Suttichanond (Beau) as Tunlayanee (Toon)
Sumontip Leuangthai (Gubgib) as Wiyada
Daraneenuch Pothipiti as Aunt Kaew
Kluay Chernyim as Uncle KrengWayne Falconer as Pravate
Chalermpol Tikampornwong (Jack) as Aueng
Kanokpong Anurakjanyong as Pan
Akarin Areerak (Ae Chernyim) as Tod
Benjapol ChoeyArun (Golf) as Paitoon
Rungthong Ruamthong as Wilailak
Thansita Suwacharathanakit (Chompoo) as Thongprasri
Sirinuch Petch-Urai as Kamma
Santi Santiwechakul as Singthong
Jaturong Korimas as Thongbai
Pajaree Na Nakorn (poodle) as Tu
Thiparin Yodthanasawas as Thongprasarn
Nawaporn Boonmee as Thongprasom


After Athit graduated from an agricultural college, he decided not to continue studying in order to open a chance for his brothers and sisters to study after they stopped studying and let him study until he graduated, He's the oldest son of 10 kids in an inferior government officer's family.

Athit didn't think to work in the government job. He dreamt to own the land and use his knowledge to make it useful. Grandma Daeng has 20 kids and Athit's father is her oldest son. In the past, Athit's father stole Grandma Daeng's money and ran away from home because he didn't want to work hard in his mother's farm. Since Athit want to do farming, his father decided to send him to stay with Grandma Daeng, so that Athit can redeem his father's guilt.

Grandma Daeng welcomed Athit because all her children got married and left home, and no one wanted to carry on the farming work from her. Therefore, Grandma Daeng made a deal with Athit that Grandma would support the money for Athit's siblings' education funds and Athit had to work without salary to repay for this debt and for his father's guilt in the past.

Grandma Daeng treated Athit very well after she tested and trusted him. So, she decided to gave Athit her empty land to make it useful. Athit seemed to be Grandma Daeng's favourite grandson now.

Darunee was a high-school girl and younger than Athit, but she was adopted to be Grandma Daeng's youngest sister, so her status was Athit's grand aunt. Since the first met, she had prejudice against Athit and thought that he was her enemy because she was jealous of him and feared that he would steal all Grandma Daeng's love from her. Athit also didn't give in to her, so they always quarrelled and fought with each other. It made Grandma Daeng distressed.

Athit worked hard to develop the farm with his knowledge. However, he made a mistake by growing the Cavendish Banana in his farm for selling. He didn't know that this kind of banana is seeded and inedible. When Darunee knew it, she wanted to tease him, so she didn't tell him that this kind of banana is useless and inedible. She also told all workers not to tell Athit because she wanted to humiliate him later.

Darunee's evil plan was successful. Athit felt shame, very hurt and lonely in the strange land, so he went out to drink and got drunk. When he woke up, he found that he made a slip to Thongprasri, the grocery's daughter. He woke up in her room and she cried that he raped her.

It became the big deal. Grandma Daeng tried to help Athit as best as she could. Darunee felt guilty for causing Athit's trouble. Athit was seriously sick of malaria, so Grandma Daeng forced Darunee to apologize him and take care of him closely to redeem her fault. However, they still fought with each other behind Grandma Daeng's back.

When Athit got well, he got the trouble. Thongprasri was shameless and came to force Athit to accept her as his wife. Athit was sure that he didn't rape or sleep with her, but he didn't want Grandma Daeng to lose her reputation if Thongprasri and her family sued him, so he accepted to be responsible for her. So, Grandma Daeng let them get married. But Athit kept avoiding Thongprasri. He didn't even make an apprearance as a groom in the wedding ceremony by making an excuse that he had to work hard to repay for the debt.

Thongprasri's parents incited her to move to live with him in the farm and she really did. Athit had to move out to stay with the workers and didn't care about her. He kept staying away and working in the farm. Thongprasri was very lonely. Later, she got caught that she committed adultery and got pregnant. So, Athit chased her away back to her home and now, Athit was free from this fake marriage.

Athit's and Darunee's lives went on like the sun and the moon that is hard to meet each other. Athit tried to avoid her by going to work in the orchard all the time, so he didn't even know how Darunee lived and didn't know that she went to study in the university in Bangkok. Until many years passed, Grandma Deang passed away peacefully.

In Grandma Deang's will, Grandma Deang assigned Athit to take care of all inheritance and be Darunee's guardian until Darunee graduated, and then her anoher will could be opened again.

As Darunee's guardian, it made their relationship better. They got more familiar and had good feeling for each other. But they still argued with each other sometimes. Athit knew that Vethang, his uncle's son admired Darunee and tried to move on her. Though Athit didn't like Vethang, he tried to support Darunee to accept Vethang because he thought that Vethang had a good future and fortune. Darunee was hurt because she felt like Athit tried to chase her away.

After Darunee graduated, she brought Tulayanee or Toon, her friend home to take vacation. Darunee intended to match make her with Athit and her intention came true. Athit fell head over heels for Tulayanee. However, when the relationship between Athit and Tulayanee developed, Darunee had a strange feeling and felt hurt inside, but she pretended to be glad with their love.

Aunt Kaew, the maid who had been with Grandma Deang for so long couldn't stand seeing this situation because Grangma Deang used to tell her to make Athit and Darunee end up together. So, she hired Thongptrasri to show up and tell Tulayanee that she was Athit's wife and had a son with him. Tulayanee felt ashamed and ran away back to Bangkok immediately.

Athit was heartbroken. One day, he was sick because he was bitten by a snake. Darunee helped him and kept taking good care of him until Athit was impressed and just realized his own feeling for Darunee that he tried to keep deep inside.

However, Darunee thought that he still loved her friend, so she tried to tell him that she would try to make Tulayanee get back to him. Athit thought that Darunee had feeling for Vethang. That's why she tried to force him to her friend. Aunt Kaew knew that Athit and Darunee had good feeling for each other. She couldn't stand seeing them being tight-lipped and in denial anymore. So, she planed to do something to make them know each other's feeling and end up together.

Original Soundtrack
Song: Aab Chob (Secretly Admiring)
Artist: A-Ong-Fong 

Original Soundtrack
Song: Khon Bon Fah Tongkarn Hai Rak (Someone on heaven wants us to love each other)
Artist: Aof Pongsak&Lydia

Have you ever felt that our hearts are the same?
Do you think the same as I do?
Have you ever been this sometimes?
ต้องทบทวนเรื่องราว เรื่องระหว่างเราทั้งคืน
Thinking over about what's between us for the whole night?
No one has ever made me being like this before.
You're the only one my heart wants.
* ใช่เธอหรือเปล่า เธอใช่ไหม
Is it you? It's you, isn't it?
The one who the heaven sent to be with me.
 ใช่เธอหรือเปล่า เธอหรือเปล่า
Is it you? It's you, isn't it?
The one who will erase the loneliness from my heart.
ใช่ไหมคือเธอใช่ไหม ที่คนบนฟ้าต้องการให้รัก
Is it? Is it you who the heaven wants me to love?
เคยเหงาอยู่ตรงนี้ ก็เพราะไม่มีใคร
I've been lonely right here because I had no one...
to warm my heart at all.
It's not the same as today.
แค่มีคนบางคน ก็รู้สึกดีขึ้นมา
I just have someone and I feel better.
No one has ever made me being like this before.
You're the only one my heart wants.
The sound of my heart keeps telling me that it's you.
I've never been serious with anyone like this before.
The one who will erase the loneliness from my heart.
ใช่ไหมคือเธอใช่ไหม ที่คนบนฟ้าต้องการให้รัก
Is it? Is it you who the heaven wants me to love?

Original Soundtrack
Song: Hai Rak Man Toh Nai Jai (Let love grow up in my heart)
Artist: Nadech Kugimiya

แอบมองทุกวัน แอบผูกพันในหัวใจ
I secretly look at you everyday, secretly feel attached in my heart.
รักเธอมากแค่ไหน ก็ต้องซ่อนเก็บมันไว้ก่อน
No matter how much I love you, I must keep it inside.
ก็พอเข้าใจ ไม่มีสิทธิ์ไปอ้อนวอน
I know I have no right to beg you.
ฉันเป็นได้แค่ไหน ก็พอรู้อยู่เต็มหัวใจ
What I can be, I wholeheartedly know it.
*ได้แอบรักเธออย่างนี้ต่อไป ก็มีความสุขแล้ว
I just keep on secretly loving you like this and I'm happy enough.
**ให้ความรักมันเติบโตในใจ ปลูกมันไว้ในส่วนลึกที่สุดในใจ
Let love grow up in my heart. Grow it up in the deepest of my heart.
I wish to stand under the shade with you on and on.
แม้ไม่เคยได้รู้ใจ ก็ไม่เป็นไร ฉันรักเธอ
Though you don't know my feeling, it doesn't matter. I love you.
แค่ได้พบกัน แค่ในบางวันก็พอ
I just see you only in some days and it's enough.
ฉันยินดีจะรอ หากวันไหนไม่ได้พบเธอ
I'm willing to wait if someday, I can't see you.
แค่ได้พบกัน ก็เก็บเอาไปละเมอ
Just seeing you and I dream of you.
There's only you in all 4 rooms of my heart.

Original Soundtrack
Song: Ah-Karn Rak (Symptoms of Love)
Artist: Yaya Urassaya

ใจมันลอยทั้งวัน นี่ฉันกำลังเป็นอะไร
I'm absent-minded for the whole day. What's wrong with me?
ตัวฉันไม่เข้าใจ ก็ไม่เคยเป็นแบบนี้
I don't understand. I've never been like this before.
ทำไมต้องคิดถึงเธอ นี่ฉันกำลังเป็นอะไร
Why do I think of you? What's wrong with me?
คำถามมีมากมาย สงสัยตัวเองอยู่อย่างนี้
There're so many questions. I wonder myself like this.
*เพราะ อาการเหล่านี้คือคำตอบ ของคนที่แอบรักใคร 
Because these symptoms are the answer of a person being in love with someone.
It's something like this.
I don't understand when I've fallen in love with you.
How is it possible?
ช่วยคิดหน่อย คิดหน่อย นึกไม่ออกเลย เมื่อไร
Help me think about it...think about it. I don't know when.
ไม่ชอบสักหน่อย แต่ปากก็แอบไปบ่นถึงเธอบ่อยๆ 
I don't like you, but I often talk about you. 
I'm also confused with myself.
รักเธอ รักเธอไหม อาการแบบนี้ เรียกว่ารักหรือเปล่า
Love you? Do I love you? Is this a symptom of love?
I secretly care and get possessive of you. 
I don't know why.
I want to pick a fight with you,
so that I can get close to you like this.
Why do I often think of you like this?

Original Soundtrack
Song: Ja Lerk Jao Choo (I will stop being flirty)
Artist: Tee Vivid

ก็โลกนี้มีความงดงามอยู่ รายล้อมเราให้ได้เห็นกัน
In this world, there's beauty all around for us to see.
ที่ผ่านมาก็เป็นเหมือนคนอื่น ก็แค่ชื่นชมด้วยสายตา
All along, it was the same as others. I just admired it only with my eyes.

* จนวันที่ฉันได้เจอกับเธอ สรุปในหัวใจได้ว่าเธอคือที่สุด
Until the day I met you, I can conclude in mind that you're the most.
เธอทำให้ใจฉันต้องหยุด ให้ฉันพูดคำนี้ออกมา
You stop my heart and make me say this word.

** จะมีแต่รัก..รักเธอ ไม่มีทางหายใจเพื่อใครอื่น
I will only you, no way to breathe for someone else.
จะเลิกเจ้าชู้ จะไม่เอียงสายตาไปที่ไหน
I will stop being flirty, will not turn my eyes to anywhere else.
อยากให้เธอเชื่อคนอย่างฉัน ว่าก็รักจริงจังเป็นเหมือนใคร
I want you to believe in a person like me that I can seriously love someone.
หากเธอแกล้งเอียงตัวมาใกล้ จะกอดเธอไว้ให้แน่นเลย
If you lean yourself close to me, I'll hug you tightly.

ก็ความรักไม่รู้ได้ด้วยตา อยากรู้ก็ต้องลองต้องได้สัมผัส
Love can't be known by seeing. If you want to know, you must touch it.
ที่ผ่านมามากมายหลายหลายคน แค่เพียงเข้ามาแล้วผ่านไป
All along, many people just came in and went by.

 * / ** / solo / **


faye lu said...

can't wait. this looks like a very sweet drama. i haven't watched a series w yaya yet - she's super pretty

Fujia said...

Another four month and we'll see anew the super cute couple Nadech+Yaya.
I hope this one will have a big success how Game Rai Game Ruk.
Nadech, Yaya fighting!

Unknown said...

I stumbled upon the lakorn Game Rai Game Ruk by accident and loved it! Nadech & Yaya make the cutest couple ever! They have such great chemistry that I wish they would date in real life. Duang Jai Akkanee is another cute lakorn starring the two. I'm a huge fan and can't wait to watch their next project together.

Anonymous said...

Wow can't wait for this too... the story is really long and I feel that too many things are happening at the end there... however that's a good news cause we get to see more of them... Love Yadech na thanks for the synopsis Wishy we're really grateful that you're subbing this drama :)

cheng berry said...

what's a romatic movie...i can't wait that long to see this movie.....

Sokvannak Tan said...

is waiting for this cool drama from my beloved stars... (2months left)

Michelle said...

Wow! The synopsis was interesting and I like the story, cant wait to watch this. I will refer this to my friend. Big thanks for sharing.

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Joy said...

Hey, I've been working on my Thai for a while now and I really want to try to sub dramas. I was wondering what programs you use to create subs?

Nini Quazireen Bandah said...

Thanks wishyyy! Love the synopsis :D

charlesalvarez23 said...

I like the synopsis and the story was so interesting. I will visit this again to get more updates. Thank you for sharing.

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Josh David said...

Hi, Can i get your translation subs? Because i want to translate it into Indonesian language. Please help me. Thanks. You can email me at

cheng berry said...

yeah...the day that i have been waiting for a long time nearly's tomorrow...the released day...!!!

Anonymous said...

wow...? pardon me, but after reading this, i ain't even gonna give TNNKK a chance. thanks wishy for saving me time.

cebuanaflip said...

hello! do you know where we can get access to download lakorns with english subs? thanks!

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