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Released: August 23rd, 2010
Episodes: 15 Episodes
Genre: Romance/Drama/Period

Jesdaporn Pholdee (Tik) as Major Prajak Mahasak (Yai)
Taksaorn Paksukcharoen (Aff) as Wanida (Nid)
Rinlanee Sripen (Joy) as Pisamai
Pisanu Nimsakul (Boy) as Captain Montree
Primrata Dechudom (Jaja) as Ampai
Sorawit Suboon (Kong) as Prajuab
Passachon Supree as Chumsri
Duangta Tungkamanee as Madam Nom
Montree Jenaksorn as Dao
Ajcharapan Paiboonsuwan as Aunt Thong


Major Prajuab Mahasak was offered to get m arried with Wanida Wongwiboon, Dao's daughter to repay for the debt that he borrowed from Dao. If not, he would be sued and it would dishonor his family.

Prajuab was very distressed and refused that proposal. He consulted with Major Prajak Mahasak, his older brother about this. Prajak suggested his brother to resign from the government service and move to stay with his friend in the South and Prajak would go to negotiate about the debt with Dao instead.

However, it was not easy to deal with because Dao gave Prajak the condition that he must get married with Dao's daughter instead of his brother. Prajak has no choice and he has to save the honor of his family. So, he accepted to get married, but he gaved the condition that if his brother could find the money to repay for his debt, he would divorce Dao's daughter immediately.

Dao told Wanida about this and told her to prepare herself for marriage. Wanida was confused. Though she didn't want to get married, she couldn't oppose her father.

Prajak told his mother and Pisamai, his girlfriend about this. It made them very upset. His mother couldn't accept this married, so she went to take vacation in his son's wedding day.

After marriage, Both Prajak and Wadina feel awkward to live together. Wanida had to be strong and confront with his mother and his girlfriend who disliked her and kept insulting her.

One day, Wanida knew about the past of Lady Montha, her grandmother from the neighbor. She told Wanida that Lady Montha was set up that she committed adultery and was chased out out Mahasak family. Therefore, Wanida intends to find out the truth about this to prove that her grandmother was innocent.

Original Soundtrack
Song: Buppe Sanniwas (
Fated Couple)
Artist: Petch Pacharapan Suthanon


Thinking carefully, this world is so strange...
บุพเพสันนิวาส ที่ประสาทความรักภิรมย์
that the fate provides love to people.
คู่ใคร คู่เขา รักยังคอยเฝ้าชม คอยภิรมย์เรื่อยมา
To each, his/her own. Love keeps on nurturing and delighting them.

ขอบน้ำขวางหน้า ขอบฟ้าขวางกั้น
Though the sea or the sky block the way,
บุพเพยังสรรค์ประสบ ให้ได้สบพบรักกันได้
the fate can destine them to meet and love each other.
ห่างกันแค่ไหน เขาสูงบังกั้นไว้ รักยังได้บูชา
No matter how distant they are, though the high mountain obstructs, love can be worshipped.

ความรัก ศักดิ์ศรี รักไม่มีพรมแดน รักไม่มีศาสนา
Love transcends social status. Love has no boundary. Love has no religion.
แม้นใครบุญญา ได้ครองกันมา พรหมลิขิตพาชื่นใจ
If anyone have fate to be together, the destiny leads them the happiness.

The passionate love is like a mad bull.
ความรักเช่นนั้นให้โทษ จะไปโกรธโทษรักไม่ได้
That kind of love is harmful. We can't put the blame on love.
ไม่ใช่บุพเพสันนิวาสแน่ไซร้ รักจึงได้แรมรา
If it's not destined, love will be gone.

Original Soundtrack
Song: Prom Likit (Destiny)
Artist: Tee Jetset'er


พรหมลิขิตบันดาลชักพา ดลให้มาพบกันทันใด
The destiny leads us to meet each other
ก่อนนี้อยู่กันแสนไกล พรหมลิขิตดลจิตใจ
Before, we were far away, but the destiny inspires us,
so I can come close to you.

เออชะรอยจะเป็นเนื้อคู่ ควรอุ้มชูเลี้ยงดูบำเรอ
Probably, we're soulmate deserving to take care of each other.
แต่ครั้งแรกที่พบเธอ ใจฉันเชื่อว่าแรกเจอ
Since the first time I met you, my heart believes at first sight...
that you and I are matchmade in heaven.

เนื้อคู่ ถึงอยู่แสนไกลก็ไม่คลาดคลา
Soulmate...though we are so far away, we can't avoid each other...
มุ่งหวัง สมดังอุราไม่ว่าใครๆ
The wishes will be fulfilled no matter who it is.

If we're not the true soulmate,
no matter how much we love,
it will be so hard to be as we wish.
คงพบเหตุอาเพศภัย พลัดกันไปทำให้คลาดคลา
We may have obstable separating us apart.

เราสองคนต่างเป็นเนื้อคู่ จึงชื่นชูรักใคร่บูชา
We both are soulmate, so we love each other.
นี่เค้าว่าบุญหนุนพา พรหมลิขิตขีดเส้นมา ชี้ชะตามาให้ร่วมกัน
This is because the fate destined us to be together.

We both may be soulmate.
Just knowing each other's name,
we can feel loving each other...
จนฝันใฝ่ใจผูกพัน แม้ไม่ทันจะเห็นรูปกาย
dreaming and being attached, though we've not seen how each other look like.

ฉันเชื่อ เพราะเมื่อพบเธอฉันเพ้อมากมาย
I believe it because when I met you, I dream so much of you.
เฝ้าหลง พะวงไม่วายไม่หน่ายกมล
I'm fascinated and always concern about you.

พรหมลิขิตบันดาลทุกอย่าง เป็นผู้วางหนุนทางมวลชน
The fate inspires everything. It creates the way for people.
ได้ลิขิตชีวิตคน มอบเนื้อคู่มาเปรอปรน ทั้งยังดลเธอให้คู่ฉัน
It destines human's life, gets the soulmate each other, and also leads you to be with me.