Thursday, August 11, 2011

Roy Mai (Silk Trace)

Released: September 5th, 2011
Episodes: 15 Episodes
Genre: Romance/Drama/Horror/Period

Atichart Chumnanont (Aum) as Prince Siriwong (Chao Noi) / Suriyawong
Taksaorn Paksukcharoen (Aff) as Princess Maneerin (Chao Rin) / Rerin
Chatayodom Hiranyatsathiti (Chai) as Prince Siriwattana
Jason Young as Thanin
May FeungArom as Lady Bua Ngern (young)
Pisamai Wilaisak (Mee) as Lady Bua Ngern (old)
Sakaewan Yongjaiyuth (Pingpong) as Kamtiang (young)
NamNgern Boonnak as as Kamtiang (old)
Pimolrat Pisalayabut (Kob) as Wongprajan
OrnAnong Panyawong (Orn) as Wandara
Rachanee Siralert as Panwarin
Jaeng Warapan as Maimae
Chudapa Chanthakhet as Mei
Kriankrai Aoonhanan as Srapan


Rerin, the textile professor goes to take vacation in Chiang Mai because she wants to have time to think over about her relationship with Thanin, her fiance.

On her vacation, she meets Suriyawong, the food designer and the restaurant owner who descends from the prince and Grandma Bua Ngern. Suriyawong falls in love at first sight with Rerin and feels like she's someone who he has longed for. However, Wongprajan, Suriyawong's relative comes in to obstruct their love and declare herself as his fiancee.

And then, the mysterious thing begins when Rerin hears a mysterious guy calling for her from outside her room in the guesthouse. She wonder who he is and how he knows her.

Rerin wants to learn more about the textile, so Suriyawong takes her to talk to Lady Bua Ngern, his grandmother. But when Lady Bua Ngern sees Rerin, she acts like she hates Rerin and calls her Maneerin. Rerin also sees a spirit of Mei, Lady Bua Ngern's servant ghost in that place, but when she tells anyone, no one believe her.

One day, Rerin goes to visit the textile museum. She sees the unfinished fabric on the loom which belongs to Princess Maneerin in the past. In that place, she meets a mysterious guy who she has ever seen in the guesthouse. He actually is the spirit of Prince Siriwattana, the prince from the past, who has been there to wait for her for so long. He asks her to finish weaving the unfinished fabric and Rerin is willing to do it.

During that time, Prince Siriwattana takes her turn back time to see her past life. In the past life, Rerin is Princess Maneerin. She is sent to get married with Prince Siriwattana for the relationship between the states, but Princess Maneerin falls in love with Prince Siriwong, Prince Siriwattana's brother (reincarnated as Suriyawong in the present lifetime). When Lady Bua Ngern who falls in love with Prince Siriwattana knows, she tells Prince Siriwattana about it. Prince Siriwattana is very angry and accidentally killed Prince Siriwong. However, no one knows that in the fact, Ghost Mei possesses Prince Siriwattana's body and tells people to sink the boat of Prince Siriwong.

After Prince Siriwong dies, Maneerin is very sorry. She refuses to eat or do anything, but just weave the fabric in her room. Prince Siriwattana is very angry and tells her to finish this fabric before the wedding day and wear it in their wedding. But Maneerin intends to finish it and use it to strangle herself to death in her wedding day. During the time she weaves the fabric, Lady Bua Ngern comes in to attack her. Maneerin doesn't have strenght to fight back, so she dies in front of Prince Siriwattana and her fabric is left undone.

After that Prince Siriwattana gets married with Lady Bua Ngern, but they have never slept with each other in the same room until Prince Siriwattana is dead from grief later. Lady Bua Ngern is very angry and vengeful for that.

In the present life, when Rerin knows the story, she tries to finish this unfinished fabric to release the spirit of Prince Siriwattana to be in peace. However, Lady Bua Ngern still has grudge against Maneerin or Rerin in the present, so she tries to kill Rerin. Suriyawong can come to save Rerin's life in time, but she becomes paralyzed because of brain stroke.

...Follow up to watch what will happen next in lakorn.

Original Soundtrack
Song: Piang Dai Kiang Thur (Just to be with you)
Artist: Srisalai Suchatwut / Atichar Chumnanont

หมื่นภูผา กับแสนนที
Ten thousands mountains and Hundred thousands rivers...
probably can stop the way we meet each other,
แต่ไม่อาจขวาง หัวใจที่รักเธอ
but can't stop my heart loving you.
แม้ไม่อาจพบเจอ ไม่เคยลืมซักวัน
Though I can't see you, I've never fogotten even once.

คร่ำครวญหา ด้วยใจเฝ้าคอย
I've mourned and longed for you...
from the love and the trace in my dream.
และชีวิตนี้ ก็พร้อมที่จะแลกไป
And this life is ready to be sacrificed...
กับหนึ่งนาทีของใจ ที่ได้มีเธอ
for a minute of heart that I can have you.

ฝากกับแสงจันทรา บอกเธอทุกราตรี
Asking the moonlight to tell you every nights...
I still always love you.
ฝากหมื่นล้านดวงดาว ช่วยคุ้มครองเธอ
Asking many millions stars to protect you.
We will meet someday.

สุดแผ่นน้ำ จะไปพบพา
The end of the sea, I'll go to see you.
สุดแผ่นฟ้า ขอแค่มีเธอเท่านั้น
The end of the sky, I wish to have only you.
ด้วยแรงแห่งรัก ฉันจะข้ามฟ้าไกล
With the power of love, I will cross the distant sky...
ข้ามทุกชาติภพไป เพียงได้เคียงเธอ
cross every lifetimes just to be with you.

Original Soundtrack
Song: Garn Dern Tang Khong Hua Jai (The journey of the heart)
Artist: Pramote Pathan

The journey to find someone who is the real one of my heart.
Do you know how long it takes?
I have to lose a lot of tears...
just to find someone.

The word "love", I've never given it to anyone.
I've kept it for so long.
Until one day, I met you.
I met you only once...
and I was so shaken up.

* คือเธอใช่ไหม ที่รอคอยมาแสนนาน
Is it you who I've waited for so long?
คือเธอใช่ไหม ที่จะเติมเต็มหัวใจ
Is it you who will fulfill my heart?
It's like we've ever met in the last life.
You have something familiar to my heart.
ใช่ไหมใช่เธอหรือเปล่า ที่เกิดมาเป็นคู่กัน
Is it you who were born to be with me?

Do you know? Since we met each other, I've never been lonely.
Because I have you to think of.
Though we just met,
we can get along well with each other.