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Tas Rak (Slave of Love)

Released: May 25th, 2011
Episodes: 15 Episodes
Genre: Romance/Drama/Period


Krissada Pornweroj (Smart) as His Serene Highness Prince Darbprabsatroo
Thrisadee Sahawong (Por) as AongDin
KhemUpsorn Sirisukkha (Cherry) as Princess Aeyawadee
Janie Thienposuwan as Ward
Daraneenuch Pothipiti (Top) as Tid
Benjapol ChoeyArun (Golf) as Daeng
Thanya Sopol (Daeng) as Mom Nuan
Pajaree Na Nakorn (Poodle) as Nim
Panidej Wattanasuchart (Duke) as Phra Pipit
Chotika Wongwilas (Noey) as Noree
Pasain Ruengwut (Ae) as Khuad
Chudapa Janthakhet (Chu) as Wong
Chotisot Kaewpinij (Sobee) as Pai
Thansita Suwatcharatanakit (Chompoo) as Khao
Prakasit Bosuwan (Pang) as Phra Panit/JeenHong
Saengdao Songsaeng (Joy) as Lueh
Pawanrat Naksuruya (Meaw) as Bang)
Sakaojai Poonsawat (Aom) as Pring


In the late period of King Rama IV of Siam, "Chiang Noi" is a small independent state located between the borders of Siam and Myanmar. Chao Luang Mahacheevit, the old king of Chiang Noi is very sick. He is waiting for Prince Tanlawin who disappears during the civil war last 20 years ago. Princess Aeyawadee can't stand seeing her father lying sick with sufferings, so she decides to go to Siam to look for her brother and bring him back to rule the country.

Princess Aeyawadee leaves Chiang Noi to Siam with AongDin, the quiet and skillful warrior and Tid, her good humoured maid. The news about the princess's journey reaches to people in "the Green Palace" of Mom Nuan. She has an only beloved son named HSH Prince Darbprabsatroo.

People in the Green Palace are more excited about this news than anyone in Siam because Princess Aeyawadee is Prince Darb's fiancee since they were kids. Their elders pair them up for the political purposes though Princess Aeyawadee and Prince Darb have never met each other before and don't agree with this engagement. But Mom Nuan is the only one who is so happy because she hopes for the huge benefit in the ruby mines of Chiang Noi, so she wants Princess Aeyawadee to be her daughter-in-law.

Mom Nuan set the palanquin procession to welcome the princess and annouce to all people in Siam about the princess's coming. Siamese have known about Princess Aeyawadee's reputation that she is very gorgeous and generous princess and she also has very sweet scented hair.

In Siam, there's another girl who was born as a slave in the house of Phra PipitaOsot. Her name is Ward. She has been a slave since she was born because her parents are slaves. She is a smart, ambitious and eager learning girl. She yields to let her masters beat her up, so that she can sneak to eavesdrop and learn about the medicine from her master. She uses her genius to memorize Phra Pipit's medical manual until she's skilled in traditional medicine.

One day, Ward is sold to be a prostitute the big brothel of Phra Panit. Ward decides to escape into the jungle. She uses her smartness and cunning to get away from the men who hunt after her until she meets the Princess Aeyawadee's procession.

Princess Aeyawadee also has the enemy that is Saming Sinthu, her own uncle who conspires with the foreigner to overthrow Chao Mahacheevit. He sends his people to keep obstructing Princess Aeyawadee from looking for her brother.

Princess Aeyawadee doesn't want to let anyone know her status because she worries that it will not be convenient for her to look for her brother. At that time, AongDin helped Ward from the bad guys who hunt for her. He asks Ward to repay him a debt of gratitude by dressing up as Princess Aeyawadee to trick the princess's enemy's people. Ward accepts to do so because she thinks that she can escape after that. However, Ward can't get away from there because Mom Nuan comes to see her and misunderstands that Ward is Princess Aeyawadee.

At the same time, Princess Aeyawadee who disguises herself as a slave separates from AongDin and her maid. Unfortunately, She gets caught with the big group of slaves that is being sent to the brothel.

2 pretty girls are tricked by the destiny. The slave becomes the princess and the princess becomes the slave. AongDin and Tid don't dare to tell Mom Nuan the truth that Ward is not the princess because they worry about the relationship between the countries. AongDin is going to be crazy for losing the real princess.

Ward who is ill-mannered and feisty has to play the role as the princess, while the real Princess Aeyawadee tries to explain about her real status, but no one believe her and they think that she's crazy and daydreaming.

Original Soundtrack

Song: Rak Aoey (Oh...Love)
Artist: Rose Sarinthip

รักเอย เจ้าไม่เคยเว้นผู้ใด! You don't except anyone.
ไม่ว่าเกิดอยู่ในฐานะใด ไม่มีใครหลุดพ้นมันเลย
No matter what status we're in, no one can get away from it.

*ตั้งใจจะไม่รัก ก็ยังต้องรัก แพ้ตัวเองไปอย่างนี้
I didn't meant to love you, but I love. I lose to myself like this.
ต้องยอมทนแลกหัวใจที่มี เพราะว่ารักคำเดียว
I have to trade my heart because only of love.

**เจ็บยังไงก็ทน เพราะว่ามันรัก ทำไมเป็นอย่างนี้
I'm hurt, but I still bear it because of love. Why is it like this?
ผิดก็ทำก็ยอม ไม่มีศักดิ์ศรี ก็เพราะรักเธอผู้เดียว
Though it's wrong, I still do it, having no pride because I love only you.

รักเอย เจ้าบงการทุกๆ อย่าง! You control everything.
ไม่มีหวังก็ยังคิดรักเธอ ทั้งๆ ที่ก็รู้ตัวดี
Having no hope, but I still love you though I know it well.


เพราะว่ามันรัก ทำไมเป็นอย่างนี้
Because of love. Why is it like this?
ผิดก็ทำก็ยอม ไม่มีศักดิ์ศรี ก็เพราะรักเธอผู้เดียว
Though it's wrong, I still do it, having no pride because I love only you.

Original Soundtrack
Song: Lom Hai Jai Peu Krai Khon Nueng (Breath for someone)
Artist: Neung Narongvit

เคยเหมือนไร้จุดหมาย ไม่เคยมีใครให้รัก
I've ever been aimless, never loved anyone,
ไม่ได้รู้จัก ว่ารักที่แท้เป็นไง
never known what true love is.
เพิ่งจะเข้าใจวันนี้ วันที่เธอได้เดินเข้ามา
I just realize it now, the day when you walked in.
ทำให้ฉันห่วงหา มีคนให้คิดถึงกัน
You make me anxious and have someone to think of.

*โอ้ความรัก ทำให้ฉันมีลมหายใจ เพื่อใคร
Oh, love makes me breathe for someone.
This life is meaningful because of you.

**แม้บางวันจะสุข แม้บางคืนจะปวดใจ
Though someday, I'm happy and some night, I'm hurt,
แต่รู้ไหม มันทำให้ฉันยิ่งรักเธอ
do you know it make me love you more?
แค่ได้เห็นเธออยู่ แค่ให้ฉันได้ห่วง
Just seeing you, just caring for you,
it makes my heart very worth.
ชีวิตของฉันจากนี้ จะมีไว้ให้เธอเพียงผู้เดียวไปจนตาย
My life from now on will be only for you until I die.

This love has changed my life much.
It makes me cry and makes me smile as well.
ไม่เคยมีใครอย่างเธอ และไม่เคยมีใครผูกพัน
No one is like you and no one is attached...
who can make a person like me know how to love someone.


Original Soundtrack
Song: Rak Mak Gwa (Love you more)
Artist: Panadda Ruengwut/Tar Mister Team

I won't say that I can pretend to be glad with you easily.
I know well I'm not that good person.
I'm still hurt everytime when I see you and her being close to each other.
But then, I don't regret when I see you.

You just smile at me with happiness from your heart.
That's all and I don't want anything else. Nothing matters.
Because that happiness is greater than suffering in my heart.
ถึงแม้ว่าต้องเจ็บช้ำเท่าไหร่ แต่ความรักในใจยังมากกว่า
No matter how hurt I am, love in my heart is more than that.

นานเท่าไหร่ก็ยังเต็มใจจะคอยห่วงใยใกล้ๆ เธอ
No matter how long it takes, I'm willing to wait and care for you,
though you don't care for me.
I feel good when I can take care of you though I'm not your important person.
ต่อให้ฉันต้องผิดหวังก็ยังรัก และไม่คิดเสียดาย
Though I have to be hurt, I still love and don't regret.


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