Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ngao Rak Luang Jai (Love in Shadow)

Released: April 23rd, 2010
Episodes: 13 Episodes
Genre: Romantic/Drama


Prin Suparat (Mark) as Techit
Natwara Wongwasana (Mint) as KhaoHom
Nadech Kugimiya (Barry) as Nawa
Sumolthip LeungUrai (Kubkib) as Ratee
Jariya Anfone (Nok) as Ranya
Panudet Wattanasuchart as Mongkol
Ron Banjongsang as Phupa
Santisuk Promsiri (Num) as Tomorn


Ranya was the heiress of Asawatanon family. She had the affair with Mongkol, the driver in her house. Her father was very angry and beated her up and planned to kill Mongkol. However, Mongkol was not dead but became leg disabled. He met Bua and she encouraged him and invited him to stay at Ban Tor Fah, her orphanage. Ranya misunderstood that Mongkol was dead and she just realized that she was pregnant with Mongkol, so she lied to her father that she would go abroad to continue to study.

After she gave birth to a daughter, she went back to Thailand. She was not sure if her father could accept her daughter or not, so she took her baby to leave at the nursery for a while with the necklace that has her and Mongkol's names on it before she went to tell the truth to her father. But her father was very angry at her. Ranya was very sorry and hopeless, so she went back to the nursery to pick up her baby, but she found that the nursery was burnt down and she thought that her baby was dead in the fire. After her father's death, Ranya just realized that her baby was not dead in the fire, so she tried to look for her baby.

18 years later, KhaoHom and Ratee were raise up in Ban Tor Fah together. KhaoHom was a generous and sweet girl, but Ratee was different from KhaoHom in everything and she always was jealous of KhaoHom.

At the same time, in Kamthornphuwanat family, Phupa and Tomorn were brothers. They quarreled with each other because Tomorn wanted to do resort business on Ban Tor Fah's land, but Phupa opposed him.

Phupa has a son named Nawa. Nava used to be a national fencing athlete but he got an accident and became disabled on a wheelchair, so he has changed to be an emotional person. So, Phupa sent him to get rest at Ban Tor Fah. Nawa met KhaoHom who kept taking care of him and made him be better. He fell in love with her because of her kindness and goodness.

Tomorn also has a son named Techit. Tomorn kept forcing Techit to do what he wanted all the time no matter if that thing is good or bad. If Techit couldn't do as what his father wanted, his father kept cursing him and treated him as if he was not his son. So, Techit became like a heartless robot.

Later, Tomorn had not given up his resort project, so he sent Techit to Ban Tor Fah to force them to move out. When Techit arrived Ban Tor Fah, he almost hit Nawa with his car by accident, so KhaoHom was very angry and quarreled with him. Techit was very angry at KhaoHom and tried to win her, so he teased Nawa by telling Nawa that his father got the accident and being in the hospital, so Nawa hurried back to see his father.

Techit tried to force them to move out of the land, so he always quarreled with KhaoHom. He kept teasing her by forcing her work for him until she got sick. That made Techit just realized that he also had feeling and cared about this girl. One day, Techit was very angry at KhaoHom because she kept comparing him to Nawa all the time, so he tried to win her. He told Bua he would cancel the resort project if KhaoHom accepted to marry him. His offer made KhaoHom hate him more and Ratee was jealous of KhaoHom more.

Later, Mongkol just saw KhaoHom's necklace, so he realized that KhaoHom might be his daughter. When Ratee knew this secret and found that Ranya was looking for her daughter, so she planned to take place of KhaoHom. She planned to steal KhaoHom's necklace. She tried to kill Mongkol and KhaoHom in the car accident and burnt down Ban Tor Fah. After that she lied to Ranya that she was her daughter.

Mongkol was dead, but KhaoHom survived. When Techit knew it, he felt sorry for her and wanted to help, so he asked her to go to stay with him at his house and he promised her that he would rebuild Ban Tor Fah for her if she accepted to engage him and KhaoHom accepted it.

Later, after Nawa got surgery and could come back to walk again, he just found that KhaoHom became Techit's fiancee now. He thought that Techit forced her, so he tried to get her back.

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Original Soundtrack
Song: Jai Chan Rak Thur Kon Diew (My Heart Loves Only You)
Artist: Bowling Manida


เหงา เหงาใจไม่มีใครรู้
Lonely...I'm lonely, but no one know.
No matter how hurt it is, I still bear it.
I don't know how I can bear it.
I always shed my tears.
No matter how hurt I am, I still give in to you.
No matter what to do, it's still you in my heart.

There's a good perspn, but I don't love.
หัวใจไม่มีเหตุผล ต้องการแค่เธอเท่านั้น
My heart is unreasonable. I want only you.

**ก็ไม่รู้ ว่าทำไมฉันรักเพียงเธอ
I don't know why I love only you.
ใจมันดื้อ ไม่ยอมรับฟังผู้ใด
My heart is stubborn, not listening to anyone.
เธอจะไม่ดียังไง ก็รัก
No matter how bad you are, I still love.
ก็ไม่รู้ ว่าทำไมฉันต้องมีเธอ
I don't know why I have you in my heart.
It may look stupid that I still go on loving you.
It doesn't love anyone.
My heart loves only you.

Though someone is good to me,
ทุ่มเทยังไง ไม่ไหวหวั่น
no matter how he devotes to me, I'm not moved.
My heart is stable only with you.
Though he's much better,
ไม่สำคัญเลย ไม่สนใจ
it doesn't matter. I don't care.
No matter what to do, it must be you in my heart.


Original Soundtrack
Song: Ja Tong Tam Yang Ngai (Bab Nai Tee Thur Ja Rak) (What am I supposed to do to make you love me?)


What is your heart made of?
Why don't you love me?
I devote myself to you everyday, but you repay me with indifference.
Unlike when you've done for him, no matter how many times, you give in to him.
อยากจะรู้จิงๆอยากจะรู้จังเลย เหตุใดไม่มีค่าพอ
I really want to know...want to know so much why it's not worth enough.

I don't know. I can't answer myself.
I want to adjust myself to make you happy and be as what you want.

What am I supposed to do? What type will make you love me?
ต้องแพ้ให้คนอื่นเค้าซ้ำมา ซ้ำไป ไม่รู้ทำไม
I have to lose to someone else again and again. I don't know why.
ต้องทำยังไง สุดท้ายเธอถึงจะรัก
What am I supposed to do to make you love me at last.
I want to know what to do.
ช่วยเปิดหัวใจ ให้ฉันเข้าไปได้ไหมเธอ(ได้ไหม)
Can you please open your heart to let me go in there? (Can you?)

For how long do I have to be out of your sight?
ต้องเป็นคนไม่มีใคร ให้ทรมานถึงไหน
For how long do I have to be suffering having no one?
At least, if you sympathize with me,
อยากขอให้เธอแค่เปิดใจ อย่าใจร้ายเลยเธอ
I want you to open your heart. Please don't be mean.
อย่าใจร้ายเกินไป อย่าทำกันแบบนี้เลย
Don't be too mean. Please don't do like this.

(**,***) SOLO (***)

Original Soundtrack
Song: Kon Kiang Khang (Someone by my side)
Artist: Black Head feat.Nara


Please look at me.
It seems like you have something.
Please tell me.
It seems like you have something in mind.

* อาจจะผิดหวัง เสียใจ
You may be disappointed and hurt.
อาจจะหม่นหมอง ร้องไห้
You may be sad and shed your tears.
ไม่ว่าเกิดอะไร โปรดจำเอาไว้เสมอ
No matter what happen, please always remember.

** ฉันยังมั่นใจ ว่าเธอนั้นคือคนที่อยู่เคียงข้างฉัน
I'm still confident that you're the person who is by my side...
แม้วันคืนเปลี่ยน แปรผันไปนานเท่าไร
no matter how long the day and night have been changed.
ขอเพียงแค่เธอ ยังมีฉัน
I just wish you still have me.
No matter how long it will be,
ขอจงมั่นใจ ว่าฉันจะอยู่เคียงข้างเธอ
you can be confident that I will be by your side.

If you're suffering,
no matter what you will be,
please trust me...
that I still keep caring only about you.

(ซ้ำ *, **, **)


Anonymous said...

Could you upload this on Megaupload or something like that ?
I would love to watch it on my TV with subtitles !
I love your site, thanks to you I can watch Lakorns thai! From France! :)

Anonymous said...

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Elaine said...

Hi Wishboniko,

Is there any way I can download Ja Tong Tam Yang Ngai (Bab Nai Tee Thur Ja Rak)? I realized there was a download link for songs in other lakorns-in your previous blogs. (: I would sure love to be able to download it. Please let me know by sending me a message on youTube ( I can't stop listening to this song, let alone singing it. (: Kop kun mak naa. (:

Lik Ching said...

can u pls put the info about the main characters for this drama? i love mark n mint so much...

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to watch your translations!! thanks for sharing .

(I like your new design of website!!)

Daliny said...

Wishy, I know a lot of people didn't like this series very much, but I actually enjoyed it very much. I cried waterfalls watching this, finally last week. Nadech was awesome in this. Mark was pitiful in his character Techit. Very sad watching him. They did great for their first lakorn. Mint's character was a bit "passive" but she did okay.

I love the song that was a duet. So pretty. I am going to get the OST. I love the OST. In the mean time, I'll listen to them here.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to subbing. I usually watchb lakorn in Thai audio first, then your English subbs, and then Khmer dubbed. Thank you for sharing!!!

Daliny said...

Yeah, that Blackhead featuring Nara song is so good. It brings tears to my eyes. I love the music and the melody.

Thanks again, Wishy!



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