Saturday, April 4, 2009

Seub Lab Rahat Rak (Secret Code of Love )

Released: November, 2007
Episodes: 14
Genre: Action/Suspense


Theeradej Wongpuapan (Ken) as Anon
Sunisa Jett (Vicky) as Neungruethai (Neung)
Pasin Ruengwut (A) as Tinnapop
Khorkwan Boonsap (Look Kaew) as Irene
Dilok Thongwattana (Moo) as Wiset
Oliver Pupart as Nicolas
Chalida FuengArom (Nan) as Pannarai
Atiwat Tiangmongkol as Thatit (Song)
Supaksorn Chaimongkol (Kra Tae) as Yuwadee


Because of the mysterious death of Paew, the granddaughter of Minister Wiset, so
Tinnapop, a psychometrer who helped the government job called his friend, Anon, the secret agent to invertigate this case.

Both Anon and Tinnapop suspected that the Soleil cult, the social group that worships the sun as their god, might be behind Paew's death.

At the same time, Neungruethai or Nueng, the owner of the big perfume company met Tinnapop and he knew from his psychometric power that she was looking for Thatit, her younger brother who was missing after he joined in the Soleil cult.

Tinnapop offered to help her, but he wanted her to disguise herself as Anon's wife and join in the Soleil cult to find out the truth with Anon.

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Original Soundtrack
Song: Seub Lab (Finding out the secret)
Artist: Slot Machine

Ja Luek Gern Gwa Krai Luang Lam Khao Pai
Though it's too deep for someone to intrude,

Ja Yak Gern Gwa Jai Krai Sak Kon Yang Tueng
though it's too hard for someone's mind to understand,

Mee Khwak Nam Rue Pai Antarai Chood Dueng
though there's the thorns or danger pulling me back,

Jai Mai Glua Yoo Laew
I'm not afraid anyway.

Siang Pai Loey Hai Roo
Just do it to make it clear.

*จะค้นเข้าไปให้เจอ ให้ถึงหัวใจของเธอ
Ja Kon Khao Pai Hai Jer Hai Tueng Hua Jai Khong Thur
I'll search it reach your heart.

Thur Mee Krai Khang Nai Jai Thur
Who you have in your heart,

Ja Tam Khao Pai Sau Ha
I'll go in there to find it out.

Gor Roo Wa Man Yak Yen
I know it's so hard.

Yang Nee Mai Tammada
This is unusual.

แต่ฉันต้องค้น อย่าให้ค้างคา
Tae Chan Tong Kon Ya Hai Kang Ka
But I must search it, not leaving it being unresolved.

Yang Ngai Wan Nee Gor TOng Roo
No matter what, I must know it today.

Nai Sai Ta Thur Mee Kwam Lab Pid Bang
In your eyes, you're hiding some secret.

Man Muen Pen Gampaeng Tee Thur Sang Aow Wai
It's like a wall you've built up.

Lok Luang Chan Rue Thur Piang Yak Pisoot Jai
You trick me or you just want to prove my heart?

ไม่ว่าเพราะอะไร จะบอกให้เธอได้รู้
Mai Wa Prau Arai Ja Bok Hai Thur Dai Roo
No matter what the reason is, I will tell you...


Ja Pai Seub Ha Kwam Jing
I will find out the truth.

ทุ่มเทให้ทั้งตัว เดิมพันหมดเลยทั้งใจ
Toom Te Hai Tang Tua Derm Pan Mod Loey Tang Jai
I devote myself...stake my whole heart on it.

Gee Kon Tee Yom Pae Pai
Though many people give up,

แต่เธอต้องเข้าใจ ว่าฉันรักเธอ
Tae Thur Tong Khao Jai Wa Chan Rak Thur
but you must understand that I love you.

Original Soundtrack
Song: Krueng Nueng Tee Mee (A Half I have)
Artist: Slot Machine

Roo Mai Wela Tee Thur Hang Klai Sai Ta

Do you know? When you've been out of my sight,


Jai Man Pawa Pawong Wan Wai Took Tee

my heart is anxious everytime.


Mong Pai Mai Jer Tee Rai Jai Kor Mai Dee

When I don't see you, my heart feel uneasy.


Man Glua Mai Mee Krai Lueh

I fear there's no one left.


Man Glua Mai Mee Leuh Krai

I fear no one remains.

*เพราะมีกันอยู่แค่นี้ มีแค่เราสองคน

Prau Mee Gan Yoo Kae Nee Mee Kae Rao Song Kon

Because this is all we have. There're only 2 of us.

ขาดเธอไปสักคน คงทนไม่ไหว

Khad Thur Pai Sak Kon Kong Ton Mai Wai

If I lose you, I will not be able to stand it.


Thur Kue Cheevit Krueng Nueng Tee Chan Mee

You're a half of life that I have.

ทำฉันให้ดีขึ้นมาได้ ด้วยรักที่เธอมีให้กับฉัน

Tam Chan Hai Dee Khuen Ma Dai Duay Rak Tee Thur Mee Hai Gab Chan

You can make me better with your love you have for me.

ไม่มีเหตุผลที่ฉันต้องหายใจ หากเราต้องแยกกัน

Mai Mee Het Pol Tee Chan Tong Hai Jai Hak Rao Tong Yaek Gan

There's no reason for me to breathe if we have to be apart.


Cheevit Nai Wan Nan...Man Ja Lueh Arai

My life on that day...what will I have left?


Chan Wang Wa Thur Gor Kong Ja Por Khao Jai

I hope you may understand.


Grot Kueng Arai Hai Mong Mueh Ton Tee Rak Gan

If you're angry about anything, just look back when we love each other.

Prau Rak Man Chai Wela Sang Ma Tang Nan

Because it takes a long time to build love.

อย่าทิ้งกันไปอย่างนั้น อย่าทำไม่มีเยื่อใย

Ya Ting Gan Pai Yang Nan Ya Tam Mai Mee Yueh Yai

Don't leave it like that. Don't act like you have no concern.


Cheevit Nai Wan Nan...Man Ja Lueh Arai

My life on that day...what will I have left?


jingran said...

I like the Lakorn very much!thank you wasabizan~~~~

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Thanks for subbing this lakorn !!
I love Ken and Vicky !!

Anonymous said...

where can I watch this lakorn with english subtittle

treasar said...

Sorry to contact you like this, but your e-mail won't connect for some reason!

My name is treasar and I have recently started up a blog containing some advice for people who want to watch Asian Dramas. I, as a long-time fan of yours, put your blog down as a good place to go for Thai Lakorns. I hope you don't mind, and I will of course remove your name if you wish.
Please contact me as soon as you can.


Nut said...

Hi! I was wondering if you have the ost for the lakorns - Din Nam Lom Fai and Guan Gammathep?

Thanks in advance.

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Really luv this lakorn. Thanks for the sub.. :)

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