Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Duang Jai Patiharn (The Miracle of the Heart)

Release: 10/10/2006
17 Episodes


Sornram Teppitak (Num) as Techo
Suvanant Kongying (Kob) as Morin
Louis Scott as Methin
Supatchaya Ruenreng as Duen
Uthen Khoshnuam as Doctor Sakarin
Apisada Kreuakongka as Pimpannee


Techo is a heir of Narubarnbodi's family, the real estate millionair. Unfortunately, he has a heart desease since he was born. After his parents pass away, he is despair and live his life with heartless. He doesn't care for everyone and everything and like to risk his life with dangerous activity. So, everybody sees him that he is a mean and heartless guy.

Later, Doctor Sakarin, his personal doctor gets an idea to use an art therapy to soothe Techo's mind, so he hires Morin, a jobless artist to teach Techo and inspire him to want to continue his life and wait for a new heart tranplantation. Eventually, Techo falls in love with Morin.

However, Morin can't respond his feeling toward her because of his manners and she thinks she's in love with her step-brother, Methin.

Anyway, Methin is a good guy and his dream is to establish the poorhouse for the children and he's in love with Duen, a daughter of an owner of the poorhouse. Later, Duen dies because of the drug dealers and they want to kill Methin too.

Methin bewares of his danger and want to make sure that there will be someone who can take care and love his step sister if something happen to him, so he decides to donate his heart to Techo. However, on the way that Techo is going to propose Morin to marry him, his illness relapse and pass out, so his car accidentally hit Methin that rides his motocycle passing by.

Methin dies and that make Morin blame and hate Techo for taking her dearest step brother's life. ...

Click to watch this drama on youtube (with my English Subtitle)

Khon Khon Nung Yoo Doy Mai Mee Jood Mai
I'm the one who lived without a destination,

Tee Hai Jai Tae La Wan Pue Raw Hai Job
who breathed everyday just to wait for the end of life.

Jon Thur Khao Ma
until you came into my life,

Hua Jai Jung Dai Pob Wa Chee Vit Chan Ja Yoo Pue Krai
my heart can realize who I will live my life for.

Roo Tua Eng Wa Khon Mai Dee Yang Chan
I know myself...that a bad guy like me...

Kong Mai Aat Tam Hai Thur Ja Ma Son Jai
can't make you turn to care for me.

Tae Yang Ja Rak Thur Mae Nan Sak Tao Rai
But I still love you... no matter how long it would be.

Sak Wan Tee Thur Khao Jai Ja Raw
I will wait for the day you understand me.

*Yak Dai Yin Kam Wa Rak Jak Pak Thur Sak Krang
I want to hear the word "Love" from you just once.

Lak Duay Arai Chan Kaw Yom
I can exchange everthing for it.

Ja Hai Tam Ja Hai Ting Took Sing Kaw Prom
Whatever you want me to do or leave everything, I'm ready to do it

Yom Thur Took Took Lom Hai Jai
I yield you every breath I take.

Mai Pen Rai Sood Tai Tung Thur Mai Roo
It's alright if you don't know anyway.

Chee Vit Derm Tee Lue Yoo Kaw Mai Sia Dai
I don't regret of the rest of my life.

Kae Nai Took Wan Took Lom Tee Hai Jai
Just in everyday and every breath I take,

Dai Roo Wa Tam Pue Krai Kaw Por
it's enough to know whom I do it for.


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K said...

Hi Wasashimi
I just want to tell you that you got me addicted to "Lakorn Thai Drama" because of the EXCELLENT ENGLISH SUB ON "Duang Jai Patiharn". This Drama have become one of my top five favorite drama. Since watching this drama, I am so in love with Kob and Num they have such a great chemistry together beside looking good together. I wish I can buy this drama with engish sub and the OST soundtrack.Please post more great drama of Kob and Num with enlish sub since I can not understand Thai. Thank, Thank for sharing such Great Drama. ;0)

na said...

Oh wow, I luv you! Thanks so much for doing these subtitles :D they are great. I've always wanted to watch Thai lakorns in their original language and sound because I've always watched them in Khmer dubbed, so when I saw this, I was so excited! Please tell me how I can download these series, I can't wait! :)

sivani said...

Hello Wasashimi

I was very happy see Thai drama. I’m Sri Lankan. I had live in Thailand about ten years. When I came back to Sri Lanka I have no one to talk in Thai & I thought I’ll forgot Thai really now I’m happy when I hear Thai again Thanks for Upload Thai drama. & I would like to know where I can get Thai song

Thank you,

khun_pakornMD said...
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vietgirl4ever206 said...

hi wasashimi i want to thank you for all of the hard work that you being doing and i have a small problem that just only you can help me would you mind upload this lakorn for us (or should i say I) to download because i really want to keep this lakorn to rewatch it when i am bored. thanks a bunch waiting for your reply. :)

strawberryshortcake said...

Thank-You Wasashimi for putting english subtitles on this lakorn! I can fully understand this lakorn now that I found it with english subtitle! Thanks!

kurokei said...

Do you by any chance have the download links for this series? I don't really like watching them online, due to the poor visual quality when uploaded... I'm really interested in this series. so yeah...

SnowScorpio said...

Dude, your youtube link actually led me to the clips of "Daddy for Hire". Although this one is pretty nice too, could you give the right link to the "Miracle of Heart"?

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Tram Nguyen said...

Can you please post the English version on youtube again? I think it get deleted. Thank you so so much.

darkworldth8 said...

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gbest said...

I'd love to watch your English subbed version, but the playlist is not longer available. Could you re-post it? Thanks!