Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sroy Saeng Jan (The Jewel of Bangbod)

Released: July 22, 2007

Episodes: 18 Episodes


Patchata Nampan (Rome) as Putti / Pumma
Sririta Jensen (Rita) as Duentemduang / Najan
Chatayodom Hirunyasthiti (Chai) as Kirana
Rinlanee Sripen (Joy) as Melanee / Maneejan
Pummisit Tangpinijkarn as MooUan
Sasithorn Panichanok as Apsa / Saming
Santi Santivechakul as Lee / Papalee


Putti, an archeologist and historical specialist who loves advanture and works as a writer of Tann Magazine, his girlfriend's publisher. He met Dr.Miang who became a lunatic in the asylum. Dr.Miang gave him a bird graven image. Putti knew that it's a key to help him to get into Paksa Jamjong, an ancient temple to get Sroy Saeng Jan, an ancient and powerful jewels.

After Putti got the bird graven image, he saw the strange illusion as if he got back to the past. On the way back home, he got an accident and met Duentemduang, an archeologist and MooUan, her nephew. They took him to the hospital. After they were back home, Duentemduang just realized that her nephew brought Putti's bird graven image back home too. Putti came to get it back from her. Duentemduang hated Putti because she thought that he was an antique stealer and dealer, so she tried to unmask him in very ways.

Melanee, Putti's girlfriend, who deceived and used Putti to search for the antique for her, asked him to go to Paksa Jamjong to get Sroy Saeng Jan for her and he accepted to do it. Duentemduang kept following him to catch him in the middle. This journey made them to find "Bangbod Nakorn", an legendary and hidden city in the jungle. It's the place where the cursed bird monster waiting for revenge them for a long time ago.

In the past, this cursed bird monster was Kirana, a King of Bangbod who had a queen, Maneejan (Melanee in present). He didn't know that his queen commit adultery with Pumma(Putti), his brotherlike soldier.

One day, Najan ( Duentemduang) was brought to be Kirana's concubine. Both Kirana and Pumma fell in love with Najan at first sight. Maneejan was jealous and angry at Kirana because he praised Najan more than her. So, she bet with Pumma and told him to make Najan fell for him and stole Sroy Saeng Jan, the jewel that could make them to be immortal. Pumma accepted to do it but the more he tried to seduce Najan, the more he fell for her. Pumma's seduction made Najan confused and lose herself. It made them get into the regretful and disaster event.

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Song: Yak Ja Yon Wela (main) (Wanna Turn Back Time)
Artist: Toffy Nichapa Po-Ngam

Aad Prau Wa Pen Kam Nod Jak Fah
Maybe it's because heaven assign us,

Aad Prau Wa Pen Tee Chok Chata
Maybe it's because of the destiny,

Tee Kian Lae Likit Ma Hai Rao Tong Pook Pan
that scripted and destined us to be bound.

Aad Prau Arai Don Jai Hai Chan Pid Plung
Maybe it's because something inspire me to do wrong,

Jon Tam Hai Thur Mee Nam Ta
that I made you cry

Lae Mai Keuy Tee Ja Kid Leuy Wa
and I have never thought...

Dai Tam Rai Krai Pai Tao Rai
how much I hurt someone.

Yak Ja Yong Wela Kae Klab Pai
I just want to turn back time..

Yak Ja Kor Chod Chai Took Took Yang
I want to make amends for everything.

Nai Sing Tee Khon Yamg Chan
For the thing that a person like me...

Keuy Plad Keuy Plang Apai Dai Mai
have ever made a mistake, can you forgive me?

Tor Tae Nee Took Tang Took Took Sing
From now on, in every ways...and everything...

Yoo Kab Pap Kwam Jing Tee Yang Moon Pai
I will be with the truth that still go forward.

Wan Wa Kong Mai Sai Kern Pai
I hope it will not be too late...

Kab Lom Hai Jai Tee Yang Lueh
with my breath that I have left.

Mai Roo Arai Tee Man Bang Ta
I don't know what blind me

Tam Hai Chan Tong Dern Long Tang
and make me lost my way.

Mueh Han Ma Mong Sing Tee Pan Jung Roo Wa Pid Chen Rai
When I turn to see in the past, I know what wrong I am.


Song: Kwam Song Jam (ending) (Memory)
Artist: Vitsaraj Sookwattanasiri
Album: School of Lucks

Pap Khong Chan Lae Thur.
The pictures of you and me

Took Sing Tee Thur Hai Chan
Everything that you gave me.

Tee Tee Rao Nan Dern Pai Duay Kan
The place where we walked together.

Ploy Hai Pen Adeet Sai Klong Wang Ting Wai
Let it be just the past in the box that was left behind.

Tam Pen Leum Man Tae Tam Mai Mai Dee Kheun Leoy
I pretend to forget about it, but why...it's not better.

*Prua Kae Piang Lab Ta
Because just closing my eyes,

Kor Hen Pap Thur Yoo Yang Nan
I still always see you.

Yang Mai Mee Sak Kuen
There're not any night

Tee Chan Ja Luem Wa Yang Kong Rak Krai
that I can forget who I still love.

Hak Chan Chai Samong Jod Jam Rueng Rao
If I use my head to remember anything,

Kor Yang Por Ja Luem Thur Dai
I may be able to forget you.

Tae Chan Chai Hua Jai Kep Kwam Song Jam Rueng Khong Rao
But I use my heart to memorize everything about us.

Tor Hai Payayam Sak Tao Rai
No matter how hard I try,

Tae Kor Tam Dai Piang Kae Ting Rueng Rao Rob Rob Kai Pai
what I can do is just leave everything around me.

Yak Ja Ting Thur Pai Hai Klai
I want to leave you far away

Tae Kwam Rak Klab Ying Fang Luek Nai Jai Kuen Took Tee
but my love is more deep-rooted in my heart every time.

Ja Tam Ngai Hai Tuen
What can I do to wake up

Jal Kuen Tee Chan Fan Wa Yang Mee Thur
from the night that I dream that I still have you.

Tang Tee Kwam Jing Mai Mee
although in the fact, I don't have.


Ja Tam Yang Rai Tueng Ja Luem Thur Dai Sia Tee
What can I do, so that I can forget you.



lina said...

YAY! i'm so excited for this to come out by your lovely hard work!!!

H said...

This drama sound good! Can't wait to watch It...

Mz_dersta said...

R u going to sub this drama in eng I really want to see it. It look like a good drama..Thanx foe your hard work..

ehtathay said...

Yeap! It a good drama.

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