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Namtan Mai (Burnt Sugar)

Released: September, 2009
Episodes: 13 Episodes
Genre: Romantic/Drama


Atichart Chumnanont (Aum) as Pawan (Pe)
Taksaorn Paksukcharoen (Aff) as Thuma (Bo)
Chermarn Boonyasak (Ploy) as Nian
Warit Tipkomut (Tah) as Tao
Chokechai Boonworamet (Boy) as Ae
Karunpon Tiansuwan (Petch) as Tik
Pasin Ruengwut (A) as JaengLa
Montree JenAksorn as Sathorn


(Spoiler Alert!)

Pawan or Pe (Aum) was the only son of the real estate businessman. After his mother died, His father fell in love and had the affair with a married woman. Later, his father was shot to death by his lover's husband. So, Pawan had prejudice against the married woman.

However, he had a crush on Thuma or Bo (Aff), an interior designer in his company. When he knew that she was a married woman, he tried to stay away from her, but he couldn't resist her charming.

Thuma got married with Tao, her brother's friend because her family had some financial problem and Tao volunteered to help her. But After she moved to America with him, she just realized that her husband was gay (queen) and she had to live in the same house with her husband and his boyfriend. Later, she couldn't bear that situation anymore, she came back to Thailand and got a job in Pawan's company.

Pawan couldn't resist his desire for her, he started to ask Thuma out. Thuma was lonely and wanted to have someone, so she dated him. They kept dating, fell in love with each other and had the affair. In his mind, he still worried that the history would repeat itself. He would get the same fate as his father, but he was in love with Thuma so much that he didn't care about anything.

Pawan met Sathorn, a man who helped him from attacking by a drunk man. Sathorn was in debt and saw that Pawan was very rich, so he tried to introduced Nian (Ploy), his daughter to Pawan. He asked Pawan to accepted Nian to work in his company. He told his daughter to try to seduce Pawan. Pawan accepted Nian to work in his company, but he was not interested in Nian more than just a young pretty girl because he loved Thuma so much. When Nian saw that Pawan was in love and dating Thuma, she was very jealous and wanted to win him.

Pawan told Thuma that he wanted to marry her, so Thuma told him to wait and she would divorce her husband to be with him.

Tao came back to Thailand with Aer, his new boyfriend after he had some trouble in America. His mother was very angry at him and refused to give him money anymore. One day, Aer saw that Thuma dating Pawan. They feared that Thuma would divorce Tao and Tao's mother would know that truth and be angrier at her son, so Aer told Tao to threaten Pawan to stay away from Thuma. Thuma asked to divorce with Tao but he refused it.

Nian created evil scheme. She tried to act as an innocent angel and flatter everyone who was close to Pawan, such as Panee, Pawan's aunt and his step-mother, and Pawan's secretary. She tried to get close to Pawan until everyone in company thought that she was dating Pawan and would be his wife in the future. Pawan couldn't refuse her when she asked him to give her a ride everyday or went out with him because he thought that she was his friend's daughter.

When Pawan's secretary took leave to give birth, Nian was assigned to work as a substitute. Nian kept obstructing Thuma and Pawan from seeing and talking each other.

After Thuma knew that she was pregnant with Pawan, she was very happy and wanted to tell him, but Nian still kept her from meeting him. Thuma was very hurt and thought that Pawan was bored of her and didn't want to see her anymore. She also heard everybody in company talking about the relationship between Pawan and Nian. She tried to send message to make appointment with him, but he didn't get it because of Nian and didn't go to see her. Thuma saw that Pawan went out with Nian instead of going to see her, so she decided to quit her job and go to Hawaii to stay with Tik, her youngest brother. Anyway, Pawan had no chance to see Thuma's resignation letter because Nian threw it away.

Jaengla, Pawan's lawyer friend, worked with Tao'mother accidentally knew that Thuma was going to leave for Hawaii, so he told Pawan. Pawan hurried to go and met Thuma at the airport before she left. Thuma was very hurt and told him she was going to leave with no return. Pawan didn't understand anything and thought that she didn't want him anymore, so he let her go.

After Thuma left, Pawan was very sorry. He kept drinking, getting drunk and sleeping around. One day, when Pawan was drunk and Nian took care of him, he thought of Thuma so much and kept raving about her. He thought that Nian was Thuma, so he hugged and kissed her and fell asleep after that. Nian was very angry when she heard Thuma's name and nothing happened as what she wanted. However, in the next morning, Pawan woke up naked and saw that Nian was crying. He though that he raped her. Nian tried to say that it was alright. She didn't care about it.

But later, Nian's father told Pawan that Nian was pregnant with him and forced him to marry his daughter. After marriage, Pawan realized that Nian was a materialist girl. He was bored of her and quarrelled with her so often. He started going out and sleeping around with a woman in a bar.

In Hawaii, Thuma heard the news that Pawan got amrried with Nian. She was very hurt. She told Tik, her brother about everything and told him that she wanted to get abortion, but after she got the accident and felt that the baby in her belly was moving, she changed her mind to keep the baby. She wanted to give birth her baby in Thailand, so she and Tik decided to go back Thailand.

Tik was the first guy that Tao used to sleep with, but at that time, Tik told Tao that he couldn't live his life like that with Tao, so they had to separate. Coming back to Thailand this time, they got back their relationship. Tik tried to open Tao's eyes seeing that Aer was not a good man. Aer was using and pimping him. Tik also told Tao about Thuma's baby with Pawan, a guy she loved, so Tao decided to let Thuma free and divorce her.

Nian tried to call for attention from Pawan, so she tried to commit suicide. Jaengla, Pawan's friend, could catch that Nian didn't get pregnant and unable to get pregnant anymore for the rest of her life. He also saw Thuma in the hospital giving birth a son. He knew that her baby was Pawan's baby, so he told Pawan.

Nian asked for a lot of dowry for divorce from Pawan, and Pawan didn't refuse it. After divorce, Pawan tried to get back with Thuma and asked for her forgiveness.

Thuma didn't want to forgive him easily at first, but for the sake of thier son, she forgave him at last. They lived together happily after that and she got pregnant again.

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Original Soundtrack
Song: Dab Tawan (Put out the Sun)
Artist: Mai Charoenpura


มันไม่จริงใช่ไหม ที่บอกกันว่ารัก
It's not true that you told me you love me?
คำที่เคยสัญญา จะรักจนตาย
The words you promised that you will love me to death,
แต่เพียงแค่ไม่นาน ก็เปลี่ยนไปมีใครใคร
but not for long, you've changed to have someone else...
และทิ้งฉันไว้คนเดียว อย่างนี้
and leave me alone like this.

สิ่งที่เคยว่าหวาน มันกลับขมเกินไป
The thing that's used to be sweet turns to be too bitter.
เธอเบื่อแล้วใช่ไหม ถึงทำเช่นนั้น
You're bored of me, right? So, you've done that.
เธอลืมถ้อยคำสัญญา จะรักชั่วกาลนาน
You forget the promise that you would love me forever.
Finally, I mean nothing at all.

Please put out the sun for me.
Because I'm not worth enough to remember.
I don't even want to look at myself.
เจ็บช้ำจนตาย ก็รู้ไม่มีผู้ใดเห็นใจและรักกันจริง
Though I'm hurt to death, I know no one sympathize and really love me.

ไม่อยากมองใครใคร ไม่อยากเห็นใครใคร
I don't want to look at anyone...don't want to see anyone...
ไม่อยากพบและเจอ ผู้ใดทั้งนั้น
don't want to meet and face anyone.
จะอยู่กับความมืดมน ให้มันผ่านพ้นไปวันวัน
I will be with the darkness to let it pass by day by day.
No matter how suffering it is, I must let it be.

Though I'm hurt to death to make you turn to see me,
I know it's no way.
Though I'm dying, I know you will not turn to see me.
because you're not like the same person.

Original Soundtrack
Song: Ja Hai Chan Tam Yang Ngai (What do you want me to do?)
Artist: Potato


I know the rule and I see the truth...
ว่าเราทำผิด ที่มารักกันอย่างนี้
that we're wrong for loving each other like this.

ทั้งที่รู้ดีแก่ใจ ว่าเจ้าของเธอมี
Though I know well that you have the owner.
เจ็บปวดกับคำนี้ แต่มันคือเรื่องจริงใครก็รู้
I'm hurt with this word but it's the truth that everyone also know.

แม้สมองจะคอยสั่ง คอยบอกให้ฉันนั้นเลิกไป
Though my brain keeps telling me to stop.
But deeply, do you know I want to love?

What do you want me to do?
จะให้ถอนใจจากเธอ ก็คงสายจนเกินไป
To withdraw my heart from you, it may be too late.
แต่ถ้าฉันจะไปต่อ ก็ไม่เห็นหนทางจะไป
But if I go on, I see no way to go,
no any hope at all.

ฉันไม่รู้วันต่อไป ฉันไม่พร้อมจะเจอมัน
I don't know the next day. I'm not ready to face it.
ฉันไม่ตต้องการ ที่จะถามถึงวันพรุ่งนี้
I don't want to ask about tomorrow.

เพราะว่าฉันนั้นสุขใจกับชีวิตที่ดี มีเธออย่างวันนี้
Because I'm happy with a good life having you like today.
That's enough for me.


Pin said...

I really cant wait for this, Aff and Aum are one of my most fave Thai drama couples, and also i think ploy is really pretty but i think im gonna hate her in this drama. Aff is so beautiful and Aum is justt so hot!

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WOW! This is interesting. I first time the two main character are married. Can't wait to watch it.

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I'm very like your subbeb lakorn especially about aum and aff. I wait this lakorn for so long. Thank you for subbing this in your project. I really like your project at all.

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hi. ive been watching your movies in youtube and like it a lot. hope you sub more movies. thanks for your time

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I am watching this lakorn in tv..
It only show on tues and wednesday.
I cant wait to know what Nian is going to do..
I was wondering,how come not all episodes is uploaded in youtube?? I would like to know?? Is it becouse we must wait for it to play finished in the tv?? =)

Jawani said...

You have written the synopsis very well. Well done.

Anonymous said...

hey i love aum and aff doing dramas cousins' said that aum is very cute and handsome...aff is just so pretty..aff and aum should be a couple one day...since pinky and aum is not together anynore...

Monica said...
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do you not have the download links for the songs for Namtan Mai?

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No I could not find it...

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